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Monday, March 16, 2009

Better Organized

Left wing groups are better organized than conservatives.

No surprise there, since conservatives prefer individual values. Values like individual responsibility, individual industry, individual freedom... . Conservative values are humanitarian values; the human being comes first.

All the left can offer is conformity, forced labor, and enslavement for all (except the elites). Leftist values are humanist values; no variations in results are allowed. The individual is smothered. Conformity is all that matters.

... they shout in a unified cadence "O-BA-MA! O-BA-MA! O-BA-MA!" On Monday, January 19th, we inaugurated the 44th President of the United States. (AP story)

The individual matters far more than the collective. "A man is lonely until he finds himself," Ben-Gurion said.

Humanity Lesson

Politicians don't understand humanity. Leftist politicians are especially bad. There are three things critical to a living human society. First, you need a place to live, next you want to be able to buy things, and last, someone has to make the things you buy.

In free society, people work together and do all three things without being told. They build houses, they sell things and they get jobs to make things. Sometimes they get jobs to organize one of these areas.

Politicians short circuit this operation. Politicians get elected and proclaim they can allocate resources better than free people can. Never mind the people do a good job of this on their own. A politician wants to tell us what to do.

We get to the current nightmare.... People voted a bunch of leftists into control of Congress (where the law is made) in 2006. By 2007, the economy was groaning. On through 2008 things get worse. Now we are in the unhappy present. And we are even further left than ever.

It looks very bad. The Leftists are much better organized than ever before.

Remember nothing is free. If you want a politician to give you something, you have to give him something. You give up your self-respect and freedom, even your existence.

Greedy Leftists

Politicians are the greediest, most clueless people in the world. At this time of economic problem, they feel a little pinch in their ambitions. Everybody else is hurting and the politicians raise tax rates! Up yours, people!

Unbelievably gross and stupid, the politicians insist the tax is only on the "rich." Can they really believe slamming people with a sales tax hike is good policy? Or can politicians believe dissolving family farms with inheritance taxes is a wonderful thing? How stupid are we supposed to be?

It depends. The press corps cheers any tax increase used to grow government bigger, more intrusive, less caring, and more hostile. Do you think the world's largest corporation (Yes, Virginia, the U.S. Government is a giant corporation.) gives a thought about you?

The Left will break us

Can it be someone still doesn't understand?

Increased government taxation --> Increased misery
Increased government debt --> Increased poverty
Increased government intrusion --> Increased opression (just like slavery)

Don't start mouthing, "Bush did it." Did you notice Barrack Obama is president? Did you notice the Democreeps rule the Congress? They are doing it now, more than anyone before.

This garbage must stop.


captain howdy said...

I love this.

All you right-wingers are really howling! "Everything was rosy until the democrats beat us! It's not fair! Waaaaaaah!!"

Why didn't you guys just steal the election like you did in 2000?

captain howdy said...

If everything was so wonderful under republican rule, then why did you right-wingers lose the election this time? If everything was so rosy under republican rule, why did King George leave office with an approval rating in the mid 20's? Second lowest approval rating since Nixon--another republican!

Face it, dude: You guys lost because the American people woke up to the damage inflicted on the nation under 8 years of republican rule. Bush inherited a budget surplus and turned it into a 1.3 trillion dollar deficit. He was asleep at the wheel when 9-11 hit. He was asleep at the wheel when Katrina hit. And on, and on...

Anonymous said...

Dear captain howdy is a fine example of a sore winner. It's odd the poor guy doesn't get it. I'm not Republican because they are spineless and far too much into big government. The Democrats, whom captain howdy appears to favor, will merely eat the US alive.


Bob Qat said...

Gee, how did I miss my favorite respondent? Captain Howdy has the Right Idea (only exactly inside out).

This isn't some dispute between the Repellicans and the Democreeps. It's between the Jackasses of the Far Left and the forces of individuality and freedom. The Repellicans left the field, and only the Democreeps lead us into doom.