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Wednesday, March 25, 2009


President Obama addressed the nation Tuesday evening. He presented his plan to spend an additional $3.6 trillion. This money is on top of the $1.2 trillion already spent this year. All this spending is increasing the national debt at least $2.3 trillion. Current debt, accumulated over many years, is about $8.4 trillion.

The reason Mr Obama gave for the huge increase in national debt was than George Bush did it. President Obama said the current economic slump was caused by the increase of national debt caused by Mr Bush's deficit spending. So Mr Obama must run it up FIVE TIMES as fast each year as Mr Bush did at maximum credit burn. And all Mr Obama wants to buy more government control and regulation. Tell Mr Obama he can wait.

National debt reminds me of cancer. It starts out a small thing, but gradually it grows until it kills the patient. Dr Obama's treatment is kill the patient, and the cancer won't bother him anymore.

Does Obama's insanity strike you as a good idea?

Write Congress. Tell your Senators and Representative what you think of this insane spending binge.

For the Senate,

For the House

If you are not sure which Representative is yours, send this to all of them.


"Are we the biggest suckers around?" -- Juan Williams (referring to Obama's obvious corruption, throwing OUR money at Wall Street insiders.)

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