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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Revolutionary state

American used to be a revolutionary state. What was truly revolutionary about the country was that people were supposed to tend to their own lives. The logical assumption is that the people living their lives were the ones who best understood their own problems and opportunities. The people, left unmolested, the would come up with the best, long term solution.

Now everyone is voting on matters they don't know about. Law is made in ignorance. We have perfected democracy, only to find it has the flaws of too much interference with the people's lives.

We have become the 'party' state. This party is never supposed to end. Let's all abuse ourselves and make someone else (the "rich") pay. Someone else can always pay the bills. Let's party. Reality can take a leap.


People ought to be left alone to tend to their own business. They caused no harm to their neighbors.

Now we have a more ancient form of government. Everyone is called to make plans in accordance with the Master Plan of government. To get even basic health care, under this "new" old system Everyone is numbered and registered. After all, what is the social security number for, if not to track the individual from cradle to grave.

You're only a number. All hail the bludgeon of government.


Listen up

Marx' "from each according to his ability; to each according to his needs... ."

That "from each according to his ability" has always given me the chills. Who determines my abilities in the Workers' Paradise? Some slothful government maggots? Eliminate the maggots first.

Then we can take what we need. Freedom. (I must save my energy for my execution by The One.)

My clever impression is the Socialist Mind Molding Institutes (school system) has done a thorough job of conditioning about half the minds out there to an Ant Farm style of thinking. Individualism is nothing other than a historic curiosity.

Uni-mind, because the person is unimportant; only the symbol matters. Life/death, the same. Only the elite are significant.


The fascists/Marxist/moonbats are all about special rights for minorities. Who's the smallest minority of all? The individual.

Yeah. We've been let down.


Its time to revolve. America must return to what it once was, smaller, more agile, more revolutionary government, trying to solve only the problems which can be solved, with freedom and justice for all.

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