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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

AP Reports Obama Health Control May Mean No Choice.

The Associated Press story is titled, "FACT CHECK: Obama drops iffy line on health plan"

The AP reports you may not be able to keep the health care plan you like. You may be forced to buy government health care. Government control of your access to health care is their goal. Big surprise.

The Associated Press finally gets closer to the truth about Obama health control. Link

President Obama is Lying about the Obama Command Health Care Manipulation Plan.

What can you say when even the Obama lap dog Associated Press no longer feels like concealing the truth?

Read the link before Democreep Party censors ban it. When they do, I will post the full content of the AP story here.


The hallmark of a free society is everyone lives under the same law. The phrase, "equal before the law" sums it up. The long term goal of the American big government movement has been to get us all to see government as the equalizer by application of law. Thus we have a situation more aptly called something like "equal after the law," i.e. equal outcomes for different people.

This is forced sterilization of the human intellect and will.

This administration and congress will not live with the same laws the common people do. The Obama Health Control bill is no different. They have exception in every way, and no one is alarmed. We lose our republic when we are no longer equal before the law.


Update, AP reporters title the new version of the story, "FACT CHECK: Obama uses iffy math on deficit pledge" The story has a new front end detailing Mr Obama's funny sense of new math. Besides the creditable expansion, the original story is unedited.


The White House is saying they might drop the public option, i.e. total government control, requirement for health care. Mr Obama has used this same tactic three times, each time on a weekend. Each time it worked for a little while. This time, Rasmussen records Mr Obama's approval rating rising to a -5 from a -13 of 10 days ago.

Each of the two prior times, Mr Obama revealed this was merely a tactic; public option was still required, the withdrawal was a ruse. If Mr Obama has learned from his previous mistakes in being honest, he will stick with his lie until he gets what he wants. Total control over your personal health care.

Assuming we the people can't remember what is going on....


The basic question still remains: Can a country who spends itself silly really set the priorities needed to make publicly funded health care a reality? The White House predicts an additional 9 trillion in debt in the next ten years. Is this responsible? Is this even sane?

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