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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Government Health Control is Murder.

Obama's MurderCare

It looks like we may get government allocated health care, Obama's MurderCare.

I have tried contacting the Senators and Representatives by email, telephone and fax. They respond with a yawn and a "Screw you! You'll get the crumbs from our table," attitude.

Government controlled health care inevitably leads to higher death rates from treatable diseases. For example, the US has the highest cancer survival rate with present private system. [Source] If we get the Obama's MurderCare, then as soon as sufficient statistics are gathered to show the increase in death rates, these authoritarian politicians must be charged with murder.

Under American style federalism, the states have separate powers to govern, which are derived independent of the federal power. A person may avoid violation of federal law and still be a felon under state law.

The states have laws against constructive commission of murder, i.e. creating the circumstance for murder without actually pulling the trigger. An example is a solicitation of murder. Most states also have laws which make conspiracy (or negligence) a felony if the death actually occurs.

When a death occurs in Obama's MurderCare system, the charge may be applied to the Senator or Representative from the state where the murder occurred, provided the Senator or Representative voted for Obama's MurderCare system.

Government Health Control is Murder.


Someone told me the name Barrack means bless. Can you still say that man's name? I think I'll call him Barry, or maybe Beri-beri.

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