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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Old-School Leftist Thuggery

Earlier I posted a piece called, Washington State - How dare the people! That posting explained how the Leftist controlled government of Washington State is spending the state into a coma, and what the people of the state are trying to do about it. From the other side, this appears in the Seatle Weekly. The article explicitly states how Leftists are willing to preserve the shell of democracy and blow off freedom and responsible government.

Where's the Old-School Union Justice for Tim Eyman?
By Caleb Hannan in Campaign 2009

Dominic Holden says "God Bless the Unions." And we're apt to agree.

In the last month, over $1.3 million has been donated to the No on 1033 campaign, the opposition group meant to reverse the misinformation being peddled by professional fuck-up Tim Eyman and his latest, devastating initiative. Of that, over half has come from big unions: teachers, government workers and service employees, with a handful of smaller groups -- firefighters, iron workers and electricians -- adding to the kitty. That cash has been used to air TV ads. And considering No on 1033 still has $2 million left in the pot, a lot more good publicity is yet to come.

But despite the good feelings that come from organized labor spending money to protect its own, we can't help but feel nostalgic for days long gone. Days when millions in campaign money wouldn't be necessary to stop a minor irritant like Eyman. When, instead, a simple knock on the door and well-timed threat would be enough to solve any disagreement. Don't get us wrong. Democracy is great. But doesn't a situation like 1033, where we're literally stealing money from old people and kids, call for something more direct? Like a kneecapping?


Indeed, writer Hannan longs for the "good old days" of totalitarian democracy. He commits his own contribution to the mayhem and violence by lying. And its that old, standard Leftist lie, "They're making the kids go stupid and old folks eat Alpo." No, Mr Hannan, that is what your side is doing... by wrecking the economy and perverting the electoral process with lies.

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