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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Latest in Global Warming

A reading of 350 parts per million carbon dioxide of free atmosphere is supposed to be the crossover point, beyond which the world ecosystem will collapse, and global warming will becomes irreversible.

The problem for the global warming religious crowd is the current global CO2 levels are at 390 parts per million and average global temperatures are falling. Apparently the panicked masses acting stupid in the streets are panicked masses acting stupid.

Most fun is they will not admit they are wrong. Yes, Mr Obama, lets base national policy on this stupidity. Its stylish, and it will harm millions and millions of Americans. Al Gore is behind it, and so is Mr Obama. They will get riches and power from a brown-nosing, political "high society," lost in toadyism.

On the other hand, we get scraps. And high taxes, and new prohibitions, and higher taxes. And even higher taxes. All of this oppression is based on the non-sense global warming religion objectives.

The Associated Press published a story (Click here) revealing these significant details, but the AP predictably went on the wring its hands that action was still needed, even thought the problem isn't as bad as thought.

The theory is faulty. The problem doesn't exist. Look to the solar cycle for your genuine cause of warming and cooling. Climate has changed on this planet since long before mankind was here. That fact alone disqualifies current anthopogenic global warming theories.


Disgusting image.

I remember during the campaign an Obama organizer enthusing the masses couldn't wait to get by with less. What kind of lies were they getting back then? Making do with less, in Obamaspeak, is starvation for the peasants, and the nice feeling politicians get when someone sniffs their         .

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