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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Obama outwits American people?

Mr Obama maximizes confusion among his enemies, the American people.

Feigning frustration that his illegal and immoral health control bill is stalled, Mr Obama is switching to "climate change" as if he, the fraud-god Obama, could change the climate. The EPA has decided to outlaw carbon dioxide. This president has decided his greed is enough. He gets to tax us harder and harder, until we bleed out.

He instructed the EPA to return a fraudulent verdict of “climate warming is human caused" so Mr Obama can tax us harder and harder; so greedy Mr Obama can give money to his greedy and money-grubbing buddies. Mr Obama says he will have the EPA declare the green tax, circumventing congressional authority. AP story click here.

This last bit requires examination. If Mr Obama declares a tax this way, he is directly contravening the Constitution. If this happens, Mr Obama must be arrested and tried for insurrection and treason. If he is found guilty, Mr Obama must be imprisoned or hanged.


Mr Obama says the way out of the downturn is more government deficit spending. This is the whiskey soaked method to cure a hangover. We got into this downturn because of historic government deficits. The way out is thrift. But then how would Mr Obama give our money to his buddies? Mr 0bama is a fraud. AP story click here.


News item: The Senate Democreeps were playing possum on health care. AP story click here They fully intend to enslave us all though government control of health care access. Apparently, they think they will not have any trouble being re-elected.

Or do they plan on elections? Perhaps they are counting on some October 2010 surprise which will allow Pelosi or Reid or the Creep in Chief to declare a “federal emergency,” stating we cannot have any more elections. In that case, get ready for a full scale rising. This is the most dangerous possibility.

I hate what is happening, but these people must be stopped.

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