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Friday, December 11, 2009

Outlaw Times

"The Obama administration's pay czar is limiting the cash compensation for executives at companies that received the largest taxpayer bailouts to $500,000."
AP Story

The Obama administration commits itself to further rebellion against lawful American government and the US Constitution. The Constitution does not allow government to bail out domestic companies. Next, there is no provision for controlling those private companies without providing adequate compensation to the private citizens whose property has been seized.

Mr Obama must be impeached on these charges: Violation of Amendment 10, the specific limitation of power; and the fact, taking of private property is found to be a violation of Amendment 4. Lets hope he and his cadre of evil Senators and Representatives are convicted and imprisoned soon.

These are outlaw times.

1 comment:

Courtney said...

This is outrageous. How are more people not mad? The government is taking over the people, and it will not persist without some sort of eruption.