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Friday, February 26, 2010

Healthcare Access Control Mutates.

An Associated Press article (link) complains the Republicans will not go along with Mr Obama's plan to seize control over health care access. Seems the Republicans do not wish Mr Obama's underhaul of the American public.
"Obama told Republicans he welcomes their ideas — even ones Democrats don't like — but they must fit into his framework for a broad health care remake that would cover tens of millions of uninsured Americans.
"It's a gamble for Obama and his party, and it's far from certain that Democratic congressional leaders can rally their members to muscle a bill through on their own."
The "Democratic" Party has a better than 60% majority, but they know this will kill them. What do they genuinely expect the "benefit" will be? Unlimited power for Mr Obama?

Probably. Mr Obama is the only possible winner in either of the plans before Congress. Mr Obama is totally against everything about America. Americans lose.

Either plan fails to address the root causes of health care cost increases: Lawyers (particularly class action lawyers) and the resulting elaborate lawsuit prevention tactics in health care. Its clear from Obama's applied economics, Mr Obama has no interest in addressing problems in a way which won't enrich him or his buddies.

Only when Congress finally addresses genuine health problems will anything useful get done. Until then: Obama 1 America 0


Mr Obama's lying and obfuscations are as wearysome as they are frightening. Its time the "Democratic" Party realize government health care control is like unemployment; it isn't working. But they won't. Obama's amazing disrespect for the American people is typical of Democratic Party's sociopath attitude.

The jackels are giving me nightmares.

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