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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Health care down throat jamming

"We just left [a member of Congress'] office and while we were waiting, their phones were going crazy demanding" support for health care and to sign on to the Bennet letter committing to voting for reconciliation. The Bennet effort is to give Pelosi air cover for the House vote.... Get everyone you can to call or fax or email."

The "Bennet letter" refers to a letter from Sen. Michael Bennet of Colorado which urges Majority Leader Reid to use budget reconciliation to pass ObamaCare with Public Option. You'll recall Public Option is where the government will phase out private insurance and private choice.

In other words, the Bennet letter is designed to send a message to House Democrats that the House version of the bill with the public option will be included in the final (real) ObamaCare bill using reconciliation.

Reports indicate the Bennet Letter has 33 signers!

Mr Obama is spending millions of your tax dollars through front organizations like ACORN and captive union bosses to swamp the Congress with these phony phone calls. Once again, we muster into the breach. Contact your Senators and Representatives.

House of Representatives
and though he probably won't listen,
Mr Obama

And don't forget to vote the rascals out.


What should turn everyone against government controlled health care is the mountain of debt. "Only" $900 billion is added every year during the current plan's operation. (Mr Obama claims no new debt, but politicians are notorious liars). Here's a news item that could be about the USA's sovereign debt in only a few years. The article is about Greece.

Much of the content of this report is from Steve Elliott, of Grassfire Nation.


Anonymous said...

The president,and this congress is going to just that, ram this through with reconcilation.

Pass something now,and worry about the details later. Just as long as something is signed into law.

It is political crap like this that makes my eyes bleed and head want to explode.

Bob Qat said...

Neither bleeding eyes nor exploded head are covered, you know....