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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Revelatory Candidacy of Mr Alvin Greene

and the Democrazy campaign to deny him.

The Alvin Greene election victory in the South Carolina “Democratic” Party primary has been full of revelation. The Democrats may have to give up the pretense they have any interest in the will of the people to win this one. But mystery abounds around the mystery candidate, no foolin'.

The Vic Rawl campaign says something Mr Greens must have done something illegal --- this "election" had already been allocated to Rawl by the "Democratic" Authority--- Rawl was the authoritarian pick. Fraud is so natural to the "Democratic" Party they forgot to commit it for their fair-haired candidate. So the people must be wrong, or been mislead, or hanging chads were not counted, or something.

Mr Green's victory completely blindsided the "Democratic" Party Authority. No one had heard of him before he won. The "Democratic" authorities are asking themselves, "How could the loyal (blinking, blind and stupid) base vote for an unknown Democrat when we had already made their selection for them?

They never ask themselves if maybe the "Democratic" Party Policy of unlimited government is unappealing to their own base or if it is morally wrong. Nope. In their eyes democracy is the problem.


The Left starts with the allegations

Mr Greene failed to file his Federal paperwork correctly, the Leftist candidate control group CREW alleges. CREW suggests that because they don't know much about Mr Greene, he must be a criminal candidate.

Miscellaneous Democratic Party tools insist Mr Greene must be a Republican plant. If only they thought that allegation through they would realize how stupid it makes them sound. "Demos are so bad, our base prefers Republicans plants!"

MSNBC all but confessed the huge $10,000 filing fee is to keep just such individuals out of politics.


Guessing Candidate Greene's Political Position

I read and watched several item on the web and I still have no clear notion what Mr Greene stands for. He seems mostly to express discontent for the current "Democratic" Party Apparatus, which he expresses as "focus on the issues." Apparently Mr Greene does not think the Democrats have focused on the issues.

Several times he portrayed himself as the candidate who went out and pressed the flesh rather than wait on Party support. In all, he seems to be a genuine atomistic type of Democrat, a type long thought extinct by Party intelligentsia.

Guessing from Mr Greene's background, the issues that would be important to him would be: 1. Meaningful job creation, rather than politically conceived make work programs; 2. Better use of the military (The current administration seems interested in wasting American lives so they can posture and drink champagne/beer); 3. Social programs which yield positive results rather than create bureaucracies. In all of what I think I heard, there was no hint of a call for a reduced intrusion of government into daily life, so Mr Greene is no conservative. These insights are based only on the facts that Mr Greene is currently unemployed, ex-military, and that he met with South Carolinians, who must be concerned with their state's above-the-national-average 11.7% unemployment rate.


If present coverage is an indication, the Party controlled Press Apparatus will continue to press Mr Greene with irrelevancies and stupid repetitions until he cannot stand the heat anymore. I hope he endures.


South Carolina PBS conducted an interview with the soft speaking Mr Greene --

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