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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Obama Blames the Other Guys

Mr Obama is yelping the GOP is in the way when it comes to economic recovery.

Charles Babington of the AP reports President Obama told Iowa voters Wednesday that the GOP has been dishonest about what needs to be done to revive the economy and restore middle-class dreams. The AP report

Mr Obama complained the Republican Party has obstructed the recovery with dishonesty, and the GOP talked down the "Democratic" Party's plan to micromanage everyone's lives.

Reality is different.

Mr Obama's hyperventilation over Republican remarks about the administration's new taxes and procedures is stupid. But Mr Obama seems genuinely indignant that people resent his attempt to take control of their private lives.

The ObamaCare tax (& the ObamaCare non-compliance fine of $750), the expiration of the Bush tax cuts, expanded 1099 reporting (at a cost greater than the projected revenues!), and new taxes on everything from pressurized suntans to investment funds ---- are going to be crippling.

Outside the Western world governments have been more responsible. Most have avoided deficit-dependent spending. Wild government purchasing tends to redirect resources away from productive uses, and so postpones recovery. Worldwide, the recovery is well underway. For example, stingy Singapore experienced 16% annualized growth in the first half of this year.

If you want the garden to grow, you have to leave it alone. Micromanagement is not the way. The economic problem is you and your "Democratic" Party buddies. Out of the way, Barry.

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