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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Side Effect

The dollar has hit a 15-year low against the Japanese yen. The U.S. based multinational companies that set up shop in Japan are doing well.

They earn their profits in the strong yen and then convert them back to weaker dollars. That means more dollars in profits. But...

Real profitability hasn't changed for American multinationals. Only profit expressed in dollars has gone up. Mr. Obama's doctrine of economic malaise has given us smoke for employment, and illusions for increased profits.

Mr Obama will increase his taxes on us anyway.

On the plus side it shows we Americans still have the strength to succeed in international competition, if we are willing to do the right things: Get rid of hyperactive "Democratic" Party controlled, micro-managing government, then buckle down to pay for the aftermath of Obamunism.

Are you are American, or just worried about the future of the dollar? One of the very safest and easiest ways to escape the dollar's devaluation and to benefit yourself is to buy shares of U.S. multinational companies. These companies also offer dividends, which should increase as the dollar sinks.

Mr Obama has only to wait for the Bush tax cuts to expire in January to sink his teeth into those increased dividends. This is why the "Democratic" Party must lose control of Congress. If they don't, taxes will rocket up and sap strength from the last reserve of American strength --- multinational companies.

Its too late to ignore Mr Obama, hoping he will go away. We must remove his strength. Vote no Democrats!

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