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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Now a Word From George Soros

George Soros ~

I get occasional emails from MoveOn.Org, owned and controlled by George Soros. MoveOn.Org is the main proponent of hyperactive, intrusive government of the "Democratic" Party. From time to time, its important to see what the boneheads are doing.

From a recent MoveOn.Org email:
"The economy is in shambles. People everywhere are struggling to make ends meet. So naturally, Republicans are worried about the richest Americans."

But this is ObamaLand! This is the Workers Paradise! This is the fruit of MoveOn's visions! must be hung for even thinking "The economy is in shambles."


Hilarious! MoveOn.Org cites one of their own victims as saying "We need an economic policy that works for the other 98% of us, not just the top 2%"

That top two percent is the Leftist politicians in the "Democratic" Party. They've been living off the best of the land with their hyper-taxation, deficit spending and criminal government.

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