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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Congress Loots Another Trillion.

Its reminiscent of looters when they realize the jig is up, and they have only a little more time to finish stealing. This is criminal behavior. Alas, it is too frequent in the Congress of the United States.

Another trillion dollars in debt.
Merry Christmas America. Your "Democratic" Party controlled Congress is doing its worst to sell your future. Congress has added another trillion dollar, stupid spending bill to their lengthy gravy train. More than 6500 earmarks are in this one, amounting to over $48 billion in pork. Its all payoff for special interests who helped elect these squealing frauds. "$247,000 for virus-free grapes in Washington State." Sakes!

It is criminal behavior. Porking on this level is adding to the crippling effect this Congress has had for the last four years they have made the law of the land. Added to all their reckless spending and stupid regulation, it'll be a wonder if we don't hang them for treason.


Please visit Just_a_conservative_girl's Porker Hall of Shame. There you find a list of those who ought to be in the dock - a list of the porkers.


Z said...

One subject - one bill. PERIOD.

PORK is RIDICULOUS, those sneaky stupid VIRUS FREE GRAPES have NO BUSINESS being anywhere BUT on the VIRUS FREE GRAPES BILL!! :-) Does anybody think that it would be passed if it wasn't snuck in with some big bill that had to be voted on? Ya, RIGHT (smile)

Bob Qat said...

Welcome to WA. I mentioned the virus free grapes since I live in a home where the virus grapes roam.

This is what Patty Murray thinks is good government. She is a very stupid Senator, even for a Democrat.