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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Inflexibility Is Built In

The outmoded thinking of the "Democrats" is to regulate what works until it doesn't work anymore.

Chevron announced the discovery of a giant oil reserve in the Gulf of Mexico in September 2006. The Jack Field is estimated to hold as much as 15 billion barrels of oil. That would increase American proven reserves 50%.

The Obama administration banned further drilling in the Gulf of Mexico. No political move would be more effective to squelch the nascent economic recovery in the US. In response, oil started to nudge upward. Some experts predict $110 per barrel by next summer. That suggests gasoline at about $4.25 per gallon.


Food "Safety" bill passed the Senate and then derailed for illegally creating new taxes. Which is fine. The Food Safety bill would dramatically expand the power of the Food and Drug Administration in a massive regulatory overreach.

Seriously, why regulate what is not a problem? Why create a problem out of thin air? The evidence is clear the "Democratic" Party was playing a word game to steal our civil rights.


The Federal Communications Commission, under "Democratic" Party control, has deemed the internet their plaything. There is no federal statute to back up the claim. Nonetheless, the FCC illegally "enacted" a series of regulations to restrict innovation and development of new technologies in the internet. Specifically targeted is the service technique called "prioritizing" (The FCC uses this term).

There is spreading realization that the new internet regulations will be used to enforce a "Fairness Doctrine" style censorship on internet content. The Fairness Doctrine was used to promote endless repetition of the Leftist views in broadcast media until it was revoked in the 1980s.

The net result is innovation and new thinking are dead on the internet. The dead are so much easier to control the Democrats could not resist. Free speech on the internet is at risk. FaultlineUSA also discusses this.

The Democratic Party is clearly looking for push back. To sign an internet petition go to Grassfire's online petition.


The "Democratic" Party is the lawyer party. Very few Democrats who get elected have real world experience. Most of them are either lawyers or ├╝ber-rich. Their fantasies run rampant. The rules they concoct have little to do with reality, but we really get to live under those rules.

America is on her away to becoming an irrelevancy in the modern world. All because the Obama Administration Democrats could not restrain themselves. They decided to live out pipe dreams of "making a difference." They threw out the lessons of history because the past showed there was no future in their fantasy. Force is substituted for understanding and we lose.

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