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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Government by Bolsheviks

A list o' facts:

1. Unions support Obama. According to Rasmussen Reports, the public employee [bureaucrats] unions are among his strongest supporters. Small wonder since Obama has handed them a million new federal jobs, fattening union coffers with workers dues.

2. A bureaucrat has no choice about union membership. If his job description calls for union membership, the worker must pay dues, even if he does not want to join.

3. There are or recently have been government bureaucrat unions involved in imbroglio in Wisconsin, Tennessee, and less well known in Washington State.

3. Government bureaucrats get their pay from taxpayers. The taxpayers also have no choice in the matter.

4. Government bureaucrat unions represent a small portion of American workers.

Now for a bit of history -

"Bolsheviks were a small minority in Russia during the chaotic period following the fall of the Czar. Yet they managed to plunge a great country into a nightmare that lasted nearly a century by pushing harder than anyone else. Similar people are pushing just as hard here — and thanks to arguably criminal mismanagement of the economy, similar chaos is on the horizon."
- Van Helsing

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