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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Cap'n Carl Writes Again

Cap'n Carl is still not satisfied with the Obama Administration condescension to the American people.


Having been involved in a number of ticklish situations in my other life I learned very quickly that the circumstances dictate your decision. In other words, you have no choice in the mater, no choice at all. Most of these situations create ulcers because of political ramifications.

Obama’s decision to take out Bin Laden was one of those. Once the intelligence people had absolutely pinpointed Osama's location and the military was ready to go what choice did Obama have? He had no choice whatsoever.

Yet it seems, by news reports he vacillated and equivocated. Remember this, these news sources are his biggest fans.

So to give him accolades for his actions is ridiculous.


Not many people know this except for some ol' time cops.

But today we have two excellent methods of identification: DNA and fingerprints.

But before fingerprints we had ears. Yes, you heard that right -- ears.

It seems that the configuration of your ears is almost as unique as your fingerprints and literally impossible to change.

So to us old goats the Administration's refusal to show the photographs of the dead Osama raises some questions for us.

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