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Thursday, May 26, 2011

New York election

Democrat Kathleen Hochul won over Republican Jane Corwin in New York’s 26th Congressional District May 25th. The Democratic Party controlled press insists the Republican lost because she was intent on dismantling Medicare.

Democrat Hochul skipped over the fact that ObamaCare is built on the bones of Medicare. The Democratic Party raided Medicare for $500 billion to make ObamaCare. If Medicare is not fixed somehow, there is no alternative to ObamaCare.

How many people remember that ObamaCare, as enacted, required everyone to buy health insurance? The Republicans may have made a political error by removing that component of ObamaCare, thus removing the most odious of the Democrats sins.

Does the loss of the 26th district presage the Republicans will in 2012?

Hardly. The former representative, Chris Lee (R), posed shirtless on the internet. That behavior disgusted his conservative constituency and dirtied the Republican brand.

If people forget how Medicare was crippled; If people forget about 8-9 % unemployment; If people forget the loss of civil rights from 2 years of "Democratic" Party run wild; If enough people forget, the Republicans will be slaughtered in 2012. Shortly after a Party victory, the Demos will resume ransacking the economy, political rights, health care. Then the electorate would be forced to recall why they elected Republicans to the House in 2010.

If the People are as stupid as the "Democratic" Party seems to think they are, then the People will vote for Democrats.

26th district Vote tallies

Democrat Hochul won 47.1% of the vote
Republican Jane Corwin, 42.6%
TEA Party Jack
Davis, 9.2%
Green (Communist) Ian Murphy 1.1%

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