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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Get Your "small measure of an American dream"

Obama changed tack. Now he is pretending to champion the American Dream. Much of what he says sounds familiar. But Obama's vision of the American Dream is limited, regulated, metered out --- from Big Government to you.

“If you’re willing to put in the work, the idea is that you should be able to raise a family and own a home; not go bankrupt because you got sick, because you’ve got some health insurance that helps you deal with those difficult times; that you can send your kids to college; that you can put some money away for retirement… That’s all most people want. Folks don’t have unrealistic ambitions. They do believe that if they work hard they should be able to achieve that small measure of an American Dream.” --- BHO

This is what happens when statist thinkers take over the country. The ultimate goal becomes creating the highest level of personal security and the lowest level of personal risk -- all guaranteed by our government. And what is the result? The shrinking of the American dream.

Instead of a vibrant marketplace for ideas in which the sky is the limit, we instead offer people a safe, protected place where no one will tell them they have failed, financial risk is minimized and it's always someone else's fault. The dream becomes a safe, no-risk, government-insured illusion.

The shrinking of the American dream is the precise sentiment of our Marxist In Chief. At a stop in Iowa, Obama said that Americans "don't have unrealistic expectations" but believe "if they work hard they should be able to achieve that small measure of an American Dream.”

Steve Elliot says,

The other day, I was visiting my favorite Mexican restaurant for lunch when I struck up a conversation with my server -- a hard working, first-generation legal immigrant. I asked him what "Fair Share" of taxes meant. To my pleasant surprise, he proceeded to express his frustration with those who "want to take from everybody else and think something is owed to him." He then said he wants to own a restaurant some day and live out the American dream.

He didn't mention anything about universal healthcare or government-paid birth control or welfare. He wants to some day own a restaurant and, yes, perhaps own a big house and drive an expensive car. In short, he wants the American dream.

Perhaps like many first-generation immigrants, that dream will be more fully realized in his children and grandchildren who build on his years of sacrifice. Like Luther Powell, a Jamaican immigrant of no personal means who came to New York City, worked hard and supported his family in total anonymity. His son, Colin, became Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and one of the most respected military leaders of our time.

So what will it be, America? A "small measure" of a government-shaped illusion or a real, risky shot at the American dream? We will decide in November.

Steve Elliott
Grassfire Nation

Stimulating side note.

Last Friday marked the third anniversary of the 'stimulus' being signed into law. Obama promised the American people that that trillion-dollar package would keep unemployment under 8 percent.

We're in the 36th month for which unemployment has exceeded that figure. The Stimulus money went somewhere, but it did not go to the good of the nation. Obama is a liar at least, an incompetent at best, and a criminal we best live without.

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