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Saturday, June 30, 2012

Telling Text in the Health Care Decision

The more you examine the text of the SCOTUS decision, the more you realize the Party controlled press has been lying to us.   Forced government healthcare (Medicaid) is banned.  The court only decided that we can be taxed.  When Obama said this would only fall on those making more than $250,000, he was lying.


Opinion of ROBERTS, C. J.

Today we resolve constitutional challenges to two provisions of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act of 2010: the individual mandate, which requires individuals to purchase a health insurance policy providing a minimum level of coverage; and the Medicaid expansion, which gives funds to the States on the condition that they provide specified health care to all citizens whose income falls below a certain threshold. We do not consider whether the Act embodies sound policies. That judgment is entrusted to the Nation’s elected leaders. We ask only whether Congress has the power under the Constitution to enact the challenged provisions.

Full Text of the ACA decisiion

Justice Roberts wrote the opinion.  He is wrong when he says we can be forced to comply with a mandate to do something for our personal selves.  If he were talking about forced national service, he would be correct.  But he is not -- there is nothing more personal and private than health. Government has no business in a person's health

ACA is hardly sound policy.  The meaning of Roberts' remark (noted in red) is Governments Screw Up.  If the government has charge of your healthcare, it is only a matter of time 'til they screw up.

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