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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Wisconsin retains Walker

Scott Walker is still governor of Wisconsin. The Republican has been re-elected.

Most states have a method for the people to recall and replace their governor - there have been many recall attempts. All but three of the attempts have failed in the petitioning stage.

Wisconsin just made history - first, this was their first recall effort to make it to an election. Also, it is the first time in the history of the United States the governor under recall was re-elected.

Walker wasn't the only public figure in Wisconsin under recall. Republican Lieutenant governor Rebecca Kleefisch faced the "Democratic" Party machine and won too. This event is also historic. Kleefisch was the first Lt Gov to be recalled and therefore also the first to survive the recall attempt. 

Its clear the government workers unions and the "Democratic" Party could not persuade the majority of the people the governor and Lt gov were not representing Wisconsin's best interest.

Millions were spent on the election; since they lost, the leftists have been complaining the money corrupted the election results (curiously this was not a problem when Barrack Obama won the state in 2008) 

The complaint is always "money talks."

But the people vote.


The "Democratic" Party would be well advised to spend its money not lying to the people, but simply bribing the officials who can rig the vote totals for them. There are several charges against the "Democratic" Party for doing just this.

Even in Wisconsin, as the returns came in, there was a peculiar swelling of ballots for the "Democratic" candidates as the night wore on. Either the districts which favored the Democrats were slower in tabulating their totals, or more likely, the totals were being padded as the magnitude of the people's victory became apparent to the forces arrayed against democracy.

Unfortunately, those anti-democracy forces wear the name "Democratic" Party.

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