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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

“You didn't build that.”

I've been wondering why Obama's words have been chaffing in my mind so much.  Never mind that he tried to equivocate his way out of the full meaning of his words a couple weeks ago.  You know the liberals. They will remember that Obama got away with it, therefore he hit a nerve -- it must be true.  No.

“You didn't build that,” is a way of saying the individual does not matter; there is no individual accomplishment, society did it through you.  If so, your uniqueness, and everything that makes you you... can be replaced with an interchangeable part.

This is the flip side of old liberal lie about crime:  “Its society's fault.”  No criminal was to blame for his crime.  Society put him in the position of committing the crime.  Society caused it.  It could have been you who did the crime, so don't punish the criminal.  Let him off, let society deteriorate.

You even see more littering on the streets these days.  Steeped in Obama-style , liberal lies, young people are dropping more trash out the car window.  After all, its not their fault; how can you blame them?

A society in which the individual is held responsible is a better society, especially if the individual knows he will be held responsible.  The individual will regulate his own behavior better than any nanny state ever could, and he will be able to do so more freely.  Self-governance and freedom go hand in hand.

Liberals attack that idea too.  They say there is no thing like total self-reliance.  If self-reliance and personal responsibility are an illusion, they are a much better illusion than the pernicious illusion of “You didn't build that.”

You didn't build that, the rap:

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