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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Democrat devises ways to commit voter fraud.

Pat Moran, son of Virginia "Democratic" Representative Jim Moran, and the Field Director for his father’s re-election campaign.

The whole story at CBN

Patrick Moran resigned from his father's campaign. He says he did not intend to do wrong.

As you listen to the video, you will hear Moran describe the easy ways to penetrate the voter identification laws -- stuff like getting a fake copy of a utility bill as proof of id.  These easy to break methods of voter identification are all products of the Democratic Party. 

The only way to prevent this sort of voter fraud is with a government issued photo identification.  If you ever bought a firearm from a federally licensed dealer, you know the drill.  You have to have a photo identification because it is tough to fake a face.

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barack bohica said...

I believe it is time for discussion of making it a capital offense to intentionally commit or encourage vote fraud.

Voting is such a basic foundation of our Republic that those who would usurp it for their illicit aims should be ready to forfeit their very lives in consequence.