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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Porker of the Month

Citizens Against Government Waste named Senate Budget Committee Chairwoman Patty Murray (D-WA) its March Porker of the Month.

Murray, who is a pile of chicken fat and stupidity, spearheaded the Senate Democrats’ excessively expensive fiscal year 2014 budget proposal, "Foundation for Growth: Restoring the Promise of American Opportunity."

The budget is Senate Democrats’ first attempt to pass a budget in four years. It is clear why they waited so long: they did not want taxpayers to see the gory details. According to the Senate Budget Committee minority staff, Sen. Murray’s budget never balances, increases spending by 62 percent over 10 years, and includes $1.5 trillion in taxes.

Compared to FY 2013, the Murray budget increases spending by $162 billion, increases revenue by $314 billion, and increases the deficit by $152 billion in FY 2014 alone. The Murray budget document itself makes plain that federal outlays would grow from $3.7 trillion in FY 2014 to $5.7 trillion in FY 2023, an increase of 54 percent in current dollars.

For laying a dud of a budget at the feet of taxpayers, raising spending while boasting of cuts, and accelerating the country’s descent into bankruptcy, Sen. Patty Murray is the March Porker of the Month.

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