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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Bullet Proof Vest for Kids

You know the Democrats would rather hate on your guns than try to keep your children safe  --  so in the public interest, here is a practical method to protect your children while they are in the Democratic Party's care.
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Bullet Proof Vest for Kids

We proudly introduce NEW bullet proof protection for you children.
* Designed for protection of the child's entire upper body from neckthrough the torso.
* Full 360 degree protection ( front, sides and back)
* The ONLY vest for kids offering Level IIIA Protection
*  U V and tear resistant, and waterproof
* Ergonomically designed to be easy to put on in an emergency
   Made in Israel

Introductory price $299
(List price $499)
 Valid Through  March 31

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In the Democrats' America, body armor is a good idea.  Bad taste, Mr Democrat?  The Democrat party is meeting in Congress to try to disarm the American public in the face of criminals and gangsters.   Leaving America defenseless is bad taste. 

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