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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Gun control bills are still coming

Obama does not like you to be armed.  Just Monday VP Biden was threatening Congresspeople who would not submit to the administration's gun ban efforts (1, 2, 3).  Its time to tell them we will Stand and Fight

This administration is pushing these bills.  The prime Congressional sponsor's name is included.  (The links are fixed now)

From the Senate:
S. 150 - Senator Dianne Feinstein's bill that would ban the sale, transfer, manufacture and importation of hundreds of models of semi-automatic firearms.

S. 374 - Senator Charles Schumer's bill that would require you to seek government permission to transfer a firearm to a niece, nephew, cousin or lifelong friend.

S. 147 - Senator Barbara Boxer's bill to unconstitutionally repeal state Right-to-Carry laws and make you show "good cause" for getting a carry permit.

S. 174 - Senator Richard Blumenthal's bill to require federal background checks and other red tape for all ammunition purchases.

From the House:
H.R. 117 - Representative Rush Holt's bill to require licensing and registration for all law-abiding handgun owners.

H.R. 142 - Representative Carolyn McCarthy's bill to ban online ammunition sales, and to register your name with the government anytime you purchase 1,000 rounds of ammo or more.

H.R. 321 - Representative Carolyn Maloney's bill to provide public funding for anti-gun "research" activities with your tax dollars.

H.Res. 55 - Representative Frederica Wilson's bill urging state legislatures to repeal strong "Castle Doctrine" self-defense laws.

Look up your congresspeople and tell them to vote no on every one of these bills. Preserve freedom!


On July 3rd there is a Toy Gun March on Washington DC.  Its billed as a charity fundraiser, but the real reason for the march is that the government shouldn't play with the Second Amendment.

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