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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Freedom of thought

Freedom of religion is freedom of thought.  Religion is how you live according to your beliefs.  Freedom of worship is not the same, no matter what Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama say.  Worship is done behind metaphorical closed doors, without an impact on society or power politics.  A believer in religion requires himself to live by his beliefs.

People of conscience are reliable.  They live by their word.  They are responsible because they believe they have to answer to someone greater.

Hobby Lobby, a hobby and crafts store, refused to capitulate to the Obama Administration's demand they supply health insurance to their employees that includes free abortions.  The Green family, who owns Hobby Lobby, has religious scruple against murder of the unborn.

The Becket Fund for Religious Freedom is on Hobby Lobby's side.  Their General Counsel, Kyle Duncan, will go back before a federal judge Friday, to ask for a preliminary injunction against the HHS Mandate for Hobby Lobby.  

The 10th Circuit  Court of Appeals already awarded Hobby Lobby relief against federal penalties for non-compliance that the Obama Administration was keen to apply before the case is decided.

The Becket has issued this report:
"First, it’s important to note the 10th Circuit's conclusions:  The court ruled that denying Hobby Lobby the protection of federal laws designed to secure religious liberty just because they are a profit-making business “would conflict with the Supreme Court’s free exercise precedent".

"In fact, the court found that the heavy fines of the mandate unconstitutionally pressure Hobby Lobby to violate their religious beliefs -- beliefs of which no one, not even the government, has questioned the sincerity.  It further held, “The government did not explain why accommodating such a limited request [as Hobby Lobby’s] frustrates the government's goals."

"Ultimately, the court concluded that Hobby Lobby case has 'established a likely violation of [the Religious Freedom Restoration Act].' "

The test is, 'Government shall not substantially burden a person’s exercise of religion even if the burden results from a rule of general applicability.'  The Obama Administration may believe that you forfeit your religious liberty when you go into business to earn a living; but the 10th Circuit disagrees.

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