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Friday, July 19, 2013

When the government dog piles on a citizen....

Bob-1 complains that Obama's notion of  justice isn't justice, but manipulation.  Pretty good thinking.

The Obama Administration made a call for "tips" in the DoJ's attempt to lynch Joseph Zimmerman.

A far more worthy target for the keen eye of True Justice would be Attorney General Eric Holder himself, a blatant race baiter who used his office to stir up racial hatred in an attempt to subvert the legal process in Sanford, Florida; who has shown himself willing to sell weapons to drug cartels in a homicidal criminal attempt to attack the constitutional rights of American citizens; and who has shown himself willingly blind - or actively supportive - to the actions of racist black hate groups involved in voter intimidation.

And let's not forget his boss, who cried crocodile tears about an imagined son who "would have looked like Trayvon Martin" but ignores the two thousand (and counting) ~real~ sons and daughters slaughtered in his own "organized community" of Chicago just since he took office...

A rot has taken hold in the highest levels of American government.  It must be corrected before freedom is lost.

The administration's motto is manifested: "We  aren't interested in real justice.  Now on the other hand, if you had given us something juicy and hateful...."


"Trayvon Martin Could Have Been Me" Obama confessed.  That briefly sent me into a dream about how America would have been if the Democratic Party hadn't been spending billions since the 1960s disassembling the black family.

But the remark also made me wonder if Obama was confessing to stalking exclusive neighborhoods in the night, picking fights with white guys.  Martin made the mistake of picking an armed guy to beat up. Its got nothing to do with racism, except racism in the national press and the big government crowd.  The Democratic Party has always favored some sort of racism, ever since they started the American Civil War.

Now the Democrats are trying to work out their new minority.  For decades, minority meant black in Democrat-speak.  Now the blacks are at risk of losing the position of most favored minority because their votes don't matter as much  as they used to.  The illegal immigrant minority is more important, and their children appear to vote pretty solidly for Democrats.  So the Democratic Party is trying to make it seem the black vote is still important to them while they sidle away to this "new" minority.


Despite Obama's pandering to racists, despite the lamestream media's insistant provocation od racism, despite the general moral decay of the fascist far-left, we have to recall that Trayvon Martin was a human being. 

That young kid found himself late at night prowling around like many young kids want to do.  Then a doughy man challenged him.  Trayvon decided to beat up this weeny for challenging him.  But the weeny was armed.  Halfway through the beating, the weeny shot Trayvon.

No doubt Trayvon would like to go back and do that night differently -- but he can't change a thing.  We must.  We must stop listening to those racist politicians who insist Trayvon was just like them, or similar garbage.  Until we take the money out of racism the Democratic Party and their henchmen are going to continue to attack and destroy the American black family.


Read Juan Williams book "Enough."  He describes the phony leaders, dead-end movements, and culture of failure undermining Black America -- and Mr Williams is a black liberal.

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Always On Watch said...

There is a rumor that Zimmerman may emigrate. I'm beginning to think that leaving America may be his only chance for a life!