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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Biden calls for more gun control (again)

Biden, on behalf of Obama, called for more gun control (1, 2).  He went on to announce some of Obama's planned executive orders to restrict gun-related civil rights.  Fortunately for Obama, the orders will be both useless in crime control and illegal in themselves.

The Obama/Biden team are trying to circumvent current federal law.  The government sponsors civilian marksmanship training through the federal Civilian Marksmanship Program.  The CMP goes so far as to sell to civilians recently re-imported, US made firearms.  The CMP ruels already eliminate any felon from buying a CMP firearm.

These made-in-USA arms are part of international trade.  Its clear the administration intends to used the (as yet unsigned) UN Arms Trade Treaty to lever in more immoral restraints on American gun owners.  Obama will probably sign the UN ATT before October.  The main losers will be the millions of law abiding American gun owners - no politician or criminal will be affected.

Obama plans two moves:  First is to eliminate re-importation of 50 year old and older military rifles.  Biden blathered that this would prohibit "machine guns."  He is an idiot.

US military foreign aid has often included supplies of old US weapons.  The foreign country usually uses the weapons for military purpose then sells them on the international market.  US collectors buy up many of those old firearms.  There are no machine guns involved.  The number of legal machine guns available for private possession has been frozen since 1986 (McClure-Volkmer Act). So Biden lies

Obama plans to issue a prohibition of a non-existent loophole he says lets felons and others circumvent background checks by registering guns to corporations.  Felons are flatly banned from possessing firearms.  Obama is attempting to limit who may invest in corporations who have legitimate need to have weapons (gun manufacturers springs to mind).

Obama/Biden/criminal-politicians/democrats have no intention of slowing the growth of violent crime.  They continue to sell the idea that the people's right to self-defense should be banned.

Impeach Obama now.


Obama-Biden still try to pretend that they lead the holy violent cause of civil rights.  The chosen method to promote civil rights is to attack the innocent. 

Apparently, killing for the sheer hell of it has become the latest sport in the field. It makes you shudder. There is even a name for this game — "knockout." The "knockout game" occurs when a mob — usually young people — surround a vulnerable and unsuspecting victim or prey. One person in the circle seeking major "street cred" punches the victim in the face, attempting to knock him out. If he can't, the other mobsters proceed to beat relentlessly and kick the prey just for fun. When the "knockout game" is black-on-white, the act is called "polar bear hunting."

Police said the three teens in Oklahoma indicated they were "bored" and just had to kill someone to relieve that state of mind. Remember, just for fun. They apparently wanted to "knock out" their victim with gunfire, then make a quick getaway.

From another reader: "And Obama really thinks we are going to give up our guns so people like this can have them and we don't??? Yeah, right! RIP sir ..."

From Gregory Clay

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