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Friday, August 16, 2013

Dick Durbin's elitist big government

US Senator Dick Durbin, (D, IL), likes the bloated US government he has helped to foster.  Big government gives Durbin power to make the people miserable.  One of Durbin's present objectives is to make us helpless victims to petty thugs.  Durbin is trying to overpower the people by emasculating the Castle Doctrine (aka "stand your ground").  The Castle Doctrine recognizes that a criminal in your home, or in your face, is up to no good.


The images are the letters written by Durbin to Freedom Foundation, where he insinuated ALEC (the people's proponent and ally in the defense of the Castle Doctrine) is some sort of shady operation --- and Freedom Foundation's rather tart response.  Bob Williams, the Freedom Foundation’s Founder and Senior Fellow, is on ALEC’s board of scholars.  Apparently Durbin thinks freedom of thought is not on traitorous but contagious as well.  Lets hope so.

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