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Monday, September 30, 2013

Obama's big payoff

ObamaCare will be a big money pay off to Obama.

You have to live under a rock not to know ObamaCare's sign up period starts tomorrow.  What's in it for us is generally higher insurance premiums, much higher in some cases.

But what's in it for Obama and the politicians?

Lots of power over the masses:  Obama requires you to buy something whether you want it or not, meanwhile seizing effective ownership or the entire healthcare element of the economy.  The loss of liberty is incalculable.  This is as serious an abuse of government power as there ever has been.

Gobs of money:  ObamaCare opens up about $3 trillion dollars of the economy to direct political control, which means payoffs.  There will be far more possibilities for corruption than ever before, too many for anyone to track.  Consequently when a politician or a bureaucrat decides to shakedown a businessman or healthcare producer, it will be easy. 

There will be opportunities for ordinary fraud too.  Income verification rules have been scrapped, to make it easier to commit fraud.  The whole system reeks of loose money, waste and fraud - put in place to buy people and sell votes.

Watch for these results:  Trillions of dollars will pass through ObamaCare control systems, which will make the theft of a few billion unnoticeable.  The broadcast organizations will be bought off with a little extra cash for ad-time.  Meanwhile, the politicians' overseas hidden bank accounts will swell with loot.

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