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Monday, October 28, 2013

The new equality

Celtics great Bill Russell was arrested Oct. 17 at the Seattle airport with a handgun in his carryon luggage. This has not been played up on the mainstream media–given that Russell is one of President Barack Obama's heroes–both for his championships on the court and the radical politics that took him to the far edges of society before he was rescued by his daughter.

Obama presented Russell with the Medal of Freedom, but the freedom the Hall of Famer center was exercising no longer exists. In fact, it is on the president's agenda to further squeeze that lemon.

Lest we forget that when Tea Party Patriots founder Mark Meckler was caught January 2012 with a handgun in at New York City's LaGuardia airport, he was pilloried in the press and compared to a terrorist.


Meanwhile, back at the Capitol, there is no chance GOP leaders will fight for gun rights in this session. Right now, the only fight inside Congress we have is the calendar.

Obama runs our country one crises at a time. First up is the amnesty bill for illegal aliens, followed by the new federal program to guarantee farm incomes. Then, if there is time before Christmas, we will get to guns. Do not underestimate the temptation to exploit the spree shooting at Newtown.

However, if we can skate passed the Christmas recess, we will come upon another budget fight that will take us through the State of the Union address. From there to the Easter break it will be garbage time. Once we are inside six months to the midterm election, gun rights will be OK–until the lame duck session after the election.

It is during the lame duck session the GOP leaders will help ratify the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty -- which will be the new license to restrict gun rights.

Neil W. McCabe

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