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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The nuclear option in review

Harry Reid and the "Democratic" Party overturned centuries of parliamentary precedence (1, 2, 3) when they removed the filibuster rule against judicial appointments.  55% of Americans agree with the simple majority rule for judicial appointment approval.  But the Democrats went farther than that:  They removed the filibuster altogether.

Reid and Democrats did this in response to the Cruz filibuster of ObamaCare  -- which nearly saved us from the "Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act" fraud, but Cruz ran out of steam.  Now the Democrats have the legislative  tool they need to block any further discussion of any issue they want to ram through.

Look out for all sorts of undemocratic and anti-people legislation to come down the pike.  We'll see anti-gun laws, anti-free speech laws and lots of anti-freedom judicial appointments.  America has changed for the worse again, all under the anti-democracy, "Democratic" Party.

The filibuster is dead.

Remarkably, the Democratic senators in excess of 50% voted to disenfranchise themselves and their chamber, a bizarre act of constitutional abdication.

This new normal.

First, because of a deal made by Minority Leader Mitchell A. "Mitch" McConnell (R.-Ky.) and Sen. John Cornyn (R.-Texas) with Reid, the anti-gun proposals defeated in May, can be brought back at any time for a simple majority vote.

This agreement made with the GOP leadership also meant that Reid's reconsideration would not be subject to a filibuster--before the nuclear option.

Second, the skids are now greased for all anti-gun judges and bureaucrats President Barack Obama can find. Get ready. The Republicans already gave Obama 200 positions no longer subject to Senate confirmation and in July ended the filibuster for other appointees. Now, it is open season.

A bright dark lining.

The end of the filibuster means Republicans can no longer help Democrats end debate with votes to reach the 60-vote threshold, and then, vote with conservatives against a measure as if their vote to end debate was not the actual battle. In the post-nuclear Senate, Republicans will have to vote with or against conservatives without tricks and cloaks.

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