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Friday, February 7, 2014

The new soon-to-be-nuclear Iran

The Middle East, never stable, has been further destabilized by Mr Obama's overtures of normalization to Iran.  Iran has long had nuclear ambitions and operates a large number of nuclear fuel "centrifuges."  "It's hard to escape the impression that Iran and its close ally, Syria, are toying with the U.S," wrote Frida Ghitis on the CNN website

The world's worst fear of all is that all the political states in the region will go nuclear, either for national defense or for prestige.  Whichever the motive, it is now happening.

In the Middle East, lists and North Africa: Iran, Gulf states including UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar & Kuwait, Yemen, Israel, Syria, Jordan, Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Algeria, Morocco, Sudan as emerging nuclear armed states. 

The state of Israel has long been reputed to have a small stockpile of homemade nukes.

Saudi Arabia has a long term nuclear cooperation deal with Pakistan, whose nuclear weapons program the Saudis financed.  A report in November stated the Saudi kingdom had purchase nuclear weapons from Pakistan, according to

Jordan's recently fading plans to go nuclear have been revived.  The country concluded an agreement with South Korea in 2009 for the construction of a 5MW research reactor fueled by 19% low enriched uranium.  The plant is slated for completion by 2015, according to NTI.  The technology is not purposed for weapons, but is step one.

Egypt started and then stopped their own weapons development.  Currently, Egypt is thought to have a significant biologic and chemical weapons arsenal. Bio and chem weapons are at least as dangerous as nukes, and easier to transport and deploy.  The presently unstable politics in the nation is most important when thinking about Egypt's future.  They could turn on a dime.

The Obama administration Middle East policy has been ineffective at best, and a contributor to instability at worst.  As a mighty nation, the US must help to maintain the peace.  We need clear policy, and then we must carry it out.  Mr Obama's feckless posing is a very bad substitute for good leadership.

We can still manage to create a safer world, unless we let the Obama Administration run away.  If that happens, then millions of lives will be at stake -- many of them right here..


Iran is sending two of their naval warships to the American coast.  This little "flotilla' is too small to be any real threat to the US.  Iran says, "this move has a message."  The move is impressive.  Only a madman would think this little fleet would intimidate anyone.  But Iran has been cut off from international trade for years; apparently the madmen have been able to coax great things out of the people.

Not that Obama hasn't helped the mullahs. Obama's lack of clear understanding led to the administration's recent capitulation to Iran in the nuclear materials deal. The capitulation made the mullahs very powerful.  The deal is sold to Iranians as a diplomatic victory over the US -- the "Great Satan."  The politicians in Iran are putting themselves in the position of war leaders -- like Hitler did prior to World War 2. 

Is Iran any genuine threat to national security?  Not yet.  But they could be in only a few years.

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