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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Warning! Dictatorship Alert!

"... If the process of political action does not matter, only the result, then the ends justify the means. That is when illegality becomes law." 

Government attracts people who want to exercise power over others.  Where else can you find a job described as "making law to run other people lives"?  It is not wise to trust politicians.  American Hispanics are being told they have sold their souls to emperor Obama.

American government has constitutional form to inhibit the growth of authoritarianism.  Life is worth working for when the people are free.  Take away that constituted freedom, and the people's lives are killed.  History shows that the protection of liberty can be destroyed if the people stupidly demand it.

Mr Obama has flown in the face of the American Constitution; the executive order is for the sole purpose of carrying out enacted Congressional law, not for making new law out of whole cloth.  Obama is demanding on his skill at organizing the community.  He has gotten the people of the country to demand that constitutional protection against dictatorship be dismantled.

By ignoring the Constitution, the foresworn Obama has ordered illegal law:  Treasonous Obama must be removed from government.  More important, the people must learn that dictatorship, even dictatorship of the majority, is a public evil.  The protections built into the American Constitution are there to protect the people.

Obama = lord of the needy

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