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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The Eric Garner murder

The New York Police Department murdered Eric Garner for selling loose cigarettes not taxed.  Garner had an arrest record.  New York is a city run by the big government Democratic Party.   The murder starkly reveals the dishonesty of big government leftism -- Government is based on force, not morality.

Those police enforcers saw their tax gathering law interfered with, so they used unlimited force against the tax evader.  In this case, they went ahead and killed a man, for the crime of of not paying taxes.  You see, government needs taxes; big government needs big taxes.  Unlimited government, i.e. despotism, requires unlimited taxation.

This is a harbinger of things to come.  As the American government grows more controlling at all levels, there will be more clear instances of criminal acts by government, and nothing will happen to the people abusing the power of government.  People will not hold their government accountable because they will not care their freedom is evaporating.

America has changed her opinion.  America used to think that government was not to be trusted.  Now the left dominates America, and has fooled Americans to think that government is run by angels.

America has forgotten that government gets staffed by the same human race that has all those shortcomings that leftist government is supposed to address.   Government cannot remedy social injustice.  The problems may be masked for a while, but eventually, the mask slips.  Tyranny is revealed and another great country slips into the mists of history.

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