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Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Jerusalem -- capital of Israel.

Shocker!  President Trump to move the American embassy to Jerusalem. That is a de facto recognition that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel, not an "international city," or some such nonsense. The leftist media immediately commenced wringing its hands over Trump bolting from the accepted norms of international behavior.  In this case, the norm is 'do nothing to upset the Palestinians.'

One little item the media leaves out is that Russia already recognized Jerusalem as the Israeli capital.  America is just playing catch up.  The Russians did qualify their statement that East Jerusalem is a going to be the Palestinian capital whenever they get organized -- the Israeli state clearly has a good claim on their ancestral capital.

Still you can expect the knuckledraggers in the leftist American press to continue breathlessly that this is how Trump might upset the peace process in the Middle East, and come to be recognized (finally!) as the clod he is.  The left is still suffering from being completely wrong about the 2016 elections.  They apparently think that continuing being wrong is somehow worthwhile.

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