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Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Jerusalem -- capital of Israel.

Shocker!  President Trump to move the American embassy to Jerusalem. That is a de facto recognition that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel, not an "international city," or some such nonsense. The leftist media immediately commenced wringing its hands over Trump bolting from the accepted norms of international behavior.  In this case, the norm is 'do nothing to upset the Palestinians.'

One little item the media leaves out is that Russia already recognized Jerusalem as the Israeli capital.  America is just playing catch up.  The Russians did qualify their statement that East Jerusalem is a going to be the Palestinian capital,m whenever they get organized, the Israeli state has  clearly got a good claim on their ancestral capital.

Still you can expect the knuckledraggers in the leftist American press to continue breathlessly that this is how Trump might upset the peace process in the Middle East, and come to be recognized (finally!) as the clod he is.  The left is still suffering from being completely wrong about the 2016 elections.  They apparently think that continuing being wrong is somehow worthwhile.

Friday, November 24, 2017

Corporate taxation

Corporations are an economic device that makes products and employs people.  Corporations are not people, and they are not monsters.  The more difficult politicians make it for corporations to function, the less product they make and the fewer people they employ.

Taxes are one way to make it harder for a corporation to function.  If corporations can pay less in taxes, they will make more product and employ more people.

Specifically, the Leftists policies have made it very hard, via taxation, for corporations to operate in the US.  So corporations have gradually moved their economic functions offshore.  One thing that has made corporations very reluctant to leave the US is the high quality of the American workers.  But that advantage can be taxed away -- there comes a point when economic facts must be faced.

The Leftists have tried to rip up the US economy by steadily increasing corporate taxes.  The Left insists this hurts nobody, since corporations are not human.  But this is an indirect tax on the wage earners, since taxes on the employer affect the employer's ability to operate (If taxes on employers are too high, employers are compelled to close up shop).  One must suppose the Left did this in order to cripple US industrial ability, and reduce America's influence on the world.

The US government has the highest tax corporate rate in the industrial world.  No wonder the country is steadily losing jobs to other countries.  We are also losing our infrastructure development advantage.   Other countries, notably China, have been busy developing their electrical and transportation networks.  This means that the longer  we dawdle on enacting sensible corporate tax policy, the more difficult it will be to re-establish our prosperity.

The Left will continue to whine about greed and rich getting richer, when in fact it is the Left's policies that have brought on much of America's economic decline.  It is high time to have tax policies that work to proper America and put Americans back to work.

More tax rate information

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Attack Lawyer Gloria Allred is behind the attacks on Roy Moore

The way you can tell a person is an abuser is by establishing a history, a pattern, of type of predatory behavior. 

Gloria Allred is leading the attack on Roy "Judge" Moore.  Several women claim there were molested by Moore in the dim past.  Moore claims there is no substance to the charges.  The politically motivated attack will go on.

Gloria Allred is an attack lawyer for the left. She has never altered her playbook. The accusations she uses are that an conservative politician that the Left fears was"inappropriate" and molested some women or teenagers.  There has never been any substance to the attacks.  Every time in recent memory, when the Big Left wants an political enemy put away, they have called upon Gloria Allred to do the lying & dirty work.

For example ---

Gloria Allred, Big Left's attack lawyer, was involved in setting up the attack against Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain in 2012.  Remember the allegations Cain faced, saying he molested women?  Those charges never resulted in any sort of legal action -- nothing ever happened, once Cain was out of the political picture.

Gloria Allred accused Donald Trump of sexually harassing women in 2016.  When evidence is demanded, the women involved merely whimper that they are victims of society.  We all know nothing ever came of this --- nothing ever came to trial.  Apparently there was no substance to the allegations.

Now Roy Moore is being tested with a barrage of hate and lies.  Will he give in to get personal peace against the lying Left, or does he have the sand in his innards to stand up for his own reputation and stay in the fight.  I hope so.  The Allred Left is ready to destroy democracy.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

The left swoops in on Las Vegas massacre

The dead weren't even finished dying in Las Vegas before the left swooped down to feed on gun control politics.

So rather than allow even one day to reflect and mourn, rather than allow us to consider the heroism of the survivors and first responders in that Las Vegas nightmare, politics saw an opportunity and took it immediately.

But the murderous retired accountant Stephen Paddock, 64, the lone gunman, wasn't all that impulsive.

Paddock took days to plan. He was meticulous, arranging a 23-gun arsenal -- some guns fully and illegally automatic -- in his room on the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino.

He worked out his fields of fire, even set up cameras to alert him to police. He stocked up on thousands of rounds, and authorities said he also had components used to make bombs in his home and his car.

And then, when he was ready, he unleashed hell, shooting down on thousands of innocents at that Sunday-night country music concert across the way.

At least 59 are dead now, more than 500 injured.

As of this writing -- days after his killing spree -- authorities could not offer a motive. This is especially odd, because in such cases motives are usually released within hours; the shooter was a madman, or he had political associations and resentments forming the latticework of motive.

But not with this one, not with Paddock.

Yet even when the preliminary count of the dead was still in the 20s, as loved ones desperately tried to find the missing, listening to the terrible sound of cellphones ringing with no answer, the politicians made their moves.

Hillary Clinton, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, pundits by the deplorable basketful and others seized the moment to press for advantage.

The universal and hateful hot take came from Hayley Geftman-Gold, CBS vice president and legal counsel, on Facebook.

At least she was honest in her tribalism, upfront about it, using "Repugs" for Republicans and blaming them for not supporting blanket gun-control legislation.

What's not legitimate was her lack of sympathy for the dead.

"I'm actually not even sympathetic bc [because] country music fans often are Republican gun toters," Geftman-Gold wrote.  Later, she was fired.

-- John Kass

Friday, September 8, 2017

What is Antifa?

Antifa conceals their identities.  It is likely they conceal their true aims as well.

They claim to be anti-fascist.  But they use the tactics of the fascist, or more exactly, the authoritarian.  They are violent in suppressing free speech, free movement, free thought, freedom itself.  They benefit no one. 

"You will know them by their fruits (Matthew 7:15)," is apt.

Antifa is apparently well funded and coordinated.  They are probably a rich man's personal plaything.  The morons in black are willing to play social activist while indulging a lust for violence.