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If they remain self-reliant, they stay free.
Left unchecked, ever-expanding state power
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Government panacea is a defective idea.
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Saturday, March 9, 2019

Illinois (!) shows the way to resist gun control

In Illinois, Protests are growing against gun control.  The fact is, gun control is really citizen control, not crime control. 

Illinois gun owners and rights activists are fired up. Protests are being organized against proposed gun control legislation that would outlaw so-called “assault weapons,” according to one of the state’s leading Second Amendment advocates, who says it’s part of the “sanctuary” movement, and it’s gathering momentum.

According to the Illinois Belleville News-Democrat, there are currently 26 counties in the state that consider themselves “Second Amendment sanctuaries.”

As state legislatures around the nation, and Democratics in the US Congress enact citizens crippling gun control laws, they should consider what criminalizing free citizens' rights will mean (It means we can ignore bad law).

Monday, January 28, 2019

Venezuela and guns

CNBC, NBC's business network, observed:
"Venezuela is on the brink of a lasting change, according to Latin American leaders gathered at the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos.

"The South American country is embroiled in fast-moving political crisis, after an opposition leader stood in the streets of Caracas on Wednesday and declared himself as the rightful interim president.

"A flurry of world powers, including the U.S., immediately backed Juan Guaido, prompting a furious response from Socialist President Nicolas Maduro.
"There is no doubt that the behavior of guys with guns will define much of what will happen in the coming days and shape politics in Venezuela." -Moises Naim, Former Venezuelan minister 

To insure democracy, the American People are guaranteed the right to be armed.  Current events in Venezuela shows why.  If America becomes so socialized, we the People  must have the option of protecting ourselves from government gone mad.

Thursday, November 1, 2018

Strategy for anarchy --- never-fail, time-tested

What makes citizens obey the law is not always their sterling character. Instead, fear of punishment -- the shame of arrest, fines or imprisonment -- more often makes us comply with laws. Law enforcement is not just a way to deal with individual violators but also a way to remind society at large that there can be no civilization without legality.

Or, as 17th-century British statesman George Savile famously put it: "Men are not hanged for stealing horses, but that horses may not be stolen."

In the modern world, we call such prompt, uniform and guaranteed law enforcement "deterrence," from the Latin verb meaning "to frighten away." One protester who disrupts a speech is not the problem. But if unpunished, he green-lights hundreds more like him.

Worse still, when one law is left unenforced, then all sorts of other laws are weakened.

The result of hundreds of "sanctuary cities" is not just to forbid full immigration enforcement in particular jurisdictions. They also signal that U.S. immigration law, and by extension other laws, can be ignored.


The problem with ignoring laws is that it is contagious -- and can boomerang.

Sanctuary cities could in theory birth conservative sanctuary zones. Would today's protesters wish for other jurisdictions to nullify federal laws and court rulings concerning abortion, gun registration and gay marriage?

If thousands of Hondurans in a caravan are deemed above the law, then why not exempt future mass arrivals of Chinese or South African immigrants?

If Cruz and other Republican politicos can't eat in peace, will Barack Obama, Dianne Feinstein and Nancy Pelosi soon face the same disruptions -- the illegality justified by higher moral concerns?

If students can block a right-wing speaker or storm a diner, will they also object when anti-abortion protesters bar the passage of a pro-choice campus guest?

German philosopher Immanuel Kant noted that "anarchy is law and freedom without force."

Translated to our current context, Kant might say that all our high-minded talk about the Bill of Rights means absolutely nothing without the cop on the beat and the local district attorney.

 -- Victor Davis Hanson

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Good economic news

From the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Announced on:
Job openings hit a new high of 6.9 million; hires and separations little changed in July.
Prosperity is arriving.
Payroll employment increases by 201,000 in August; unemployment rate unchanged at 3.9%
More people are working (which means they will be paying taxes, which will help to  lower the national debt.

Productivity rises 2.9% in second-quarter 2018; unit labor costs fall 1.0% (annual rates)
That indicates that wages will  also start moving up.
Republican policies are working.

Thursday, September 6, 2018

White power handsign?

Zina Bash supposedly made a white power sign during Brett Kavanaugh's examination by the Senate.  Zina Bash, of mixed (i.e. "American") ancestry.

So lets explain how this is supposed to have worked.  Mrs Bash rested her right hand on her left arm with the fingers more or less in the "ok" gesture (She looks like she is gonna scratch her arm to me).  But if you apply your imagination, you can see the three fingers make a "W".  The thumb and index finger circle into the letter "P".  WP.  White Power.  Or maybe "What Patience."  Or whateverp.

The purpose of the Leftist tempest is to silence people they don't like, by (falsely) interpreting their movements/words/gestures as something evil.  The Left thinks they can frighten people into not saying anything, since only the high and mighty Left has the loudest voice.