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Monday, August 14, 2017

The evil in Charlottesville

In Seattle, people at a follow on demonstration were carrying placards with the usual boring sentiments, like "Trump wants Amerikkka," and the other usual brain-dead nonsense.

One placard said "White Silence is White Participation" apparently complaining Mr Trump was not harsh enough in condemning the vile deeds of violence.

But these words themselves were designed to promote violence and hate.  This kind of phrase is intended to corner people, not initiate conversation with them. 

The best answer is to get along.  Do something nice for a stranger, like holding the door at the store.  Don't notice their color or gender.  If they raise hell about your kindness, then forget about them.

There is an old cultural maxim, Let the name of the evil doer be forgotten.  Let there be no memory of the evil doer, and a rededication of society to do what is right and just.

Monday, July 10, 2017

Thought Police Target Free-Thinking UK Police Commissioner

The city council in the United Kingdom port city of Plymouth gave their finest impression of George Orwell’s Thinkpol this week.

The council formally admonished Devon and Cornwall Police and Crime Commissioner Alison Hernandez for her off-the cuff comments to a BBC Radio program following the recent terrorist attacks in Manchester and London.

According to reports, Hernandez’s mere suggestion that an armed citizenry might be capable of providing some protection against terrorist violence proved too much for the council to tolerate.

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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Lib Love

The 'Democratic' left has come unglued in a baptism of fascist technique:  They have people out in the streets protesting the results of a democratic election.  I guess some people out there never realize they have been part of the genuine fascist movement.

Donald Trump was elected President of the United States.  Its time for us to work together.  Talk normally to us so we can become a nation again.

But no...

Oh, precious - now Hillary actually has a lead in the popular vote...  meltdown in 3...  2...  1...

Some 'democratic' messages:
  • Yo, France - you want this back? We don't need it any more. [Louisiana purchase- identifying the 'red' part of the map where Trump got the most votes]
  • If you are happy about this election, we are never dating.
  • I want to literally die [and split infinitives]
  • I feel like there's no point to anything right now. It's all going to burn
  • Cool thing is that [name] you know physics, you grew up with guns, you are an excellent shot. It might all help soon. Unfortunately.
  • My ideals and morals have me in the fetal position under a blanket, not wanting to give a fuck about anything anymore
  • Well, if you need a friend to cry with, it's me - because I can't stop. All personal bans on trying not to public cry (or cry at work) are off
  • What has happened, is just numb I can't even cry....
  • I feel numb.
  • "There are no winners.  Half the country has openly voted for the oppression of LGBT's, minorities', and women's rights."  - Jill Biden
  • All faith gone. Push the button Obama. You get the last Mic Drop, buddy! Goodbye Rome, Burn the lights off when you're done.
  • We should not have to tell our children "we will protect them... from our own president"
  • ...everything on
  • Send more weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed, might as well be baked if we're gonna be fried.
  • I hope you're fucking happy, America... You bigoted ignorant fucks.
  • I hereby declare that I will not listen to even ONE of his speeches from this day until this country gets its head out of its behind and tells him he's fired, even when he tries to tell us he's fired the nukes and we can all kiss ours goodbye.
  • I fear for WOMEN'S RIGHTS and the LGBT community.

It's the end of the world

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Election day 2016 prayer

God Bless America,
Land that I love.
Stand beside her, and guide her
Through the night with a light from above.
From the mountains, to the prairies,
To the oceans, white with foam
God bless America, My home sweet home.

Irving Berlin, 1939

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Donald Trump, the sexual victim of Gloria Allred

Donald Trumps stands accused of sexually harassing innocent women.  When evidence is demanded, the women merely whimper that they are victims of society.  Its a no win for Trump; he is cast as either a victimizer of women, or supporting the society that victimizes women. 

Democratic lawyers will tell you to look for a pattern of behavior to discover the exploiter of women.  The lawyers say that so many women are coming out of the woodwork accusing Trump shows the pattern exists.  None of these women fielded a complaint at the time of the alleged harassment, none of them ever brought legal action until this moment when they could do the most harm.

There is no consistency, except that the women have all been unable to do anything to substantiate their allegations.  Maybe it isn't Mr Trump's behavior at all.  Maybe its the Democratic Party's attack mode that has the unsavory consistency.

Gloria Allred, Democratic civil rights attack lawyer, was involved in setting up the attack against Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain in 2012.  Remember the allegations Cain faced, saying he molested women?  Those charges never resulted in any sort of legal action -- nothing ever happened, once Cain was out of the political picture.

Gloria Allred is back, this time accusing the Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump, , saying he molested women?  Those charges never resulted in any sort of legal action -- nothing ever happened, until it was politically opportune.


So there is a consistency.  Allred’s involvement in Trump accusations a sure sign charges are worthless.

All the ingredients are here. We have a potentially powerful politician, a hopelessly flimsy accusation of sexual misconduct and a predictable media, desperate to fill broadcast hours. Was there really ever any doubt that alleged civil rights attorney Gloria Allred would get involved?

The case suits her method of operation perfectly. There’s a female accuser levying a nebulous, antiquated charge against a male who holds A) wealth, B) power and C) media attention. No charge was levied when the supposed event took place, which is great news, since it makes it that much easier for the attorney to cook up a vague, yet damaging, complaint.

Once the charge is leveled, usually at a televised press conference rather than via a legal filing, she lines up interviews with anyone who will give her a few minutes to rant. Often, she won’t even bother taking her clients to court, preferring instead to do battle over the airwaves in an attempt to force settlements via the court of public opinion.

It doesn’t matter if her appearances go well. If her claims are refuted, she doesn’t care. The media blitz is solely designed to put pressure on the target. If they fail to pay out, Allred appears in front of every imaginable camera, assailing her victim until such time as her client receives a check, reality show or both.

Think of it as a sort of high-tech, FCC-approved blackmail.

Allred’s practice looks less like a legal endeavor, and more like a fly-by-night PR firm for get-rich-quick schemers and aspiring reality show stars. Her clients, most of whom occupy the lowest rung on the credibility ladder, are mostly failures, desperate to latch on to, and steal, success and lucre from others.

Donald Trump needs to keep in mind that Allred’s methods almost always require capitulation to succeed. Assuming there’s no Clintonesque stained dress waiting in the wings, he should stand and fight.

It’s time to pour some salt on the Democratic leeches.  Vote for Trump

The second half of this material is adapted from Robert Laurie's Daily Caller remarks, found at