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Friday, March 13, 2015

Palcohol - powered alcohol

Palcohol is legal to be sold in the United States, as far as the federal government is concerned.  The  Federal Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau finally figured out how to tax its distribution.  Several states have not figured out how to regulate or tax Palcohol, and instead have moved to ban the product.

The Palcohol people insist Palcohol is getting banned because "Big Alcohol" is using all their influence to stop the spread of Pacohol.  Not likely.  The only part of the market "Big Alcohol" might risk is the inexperienced, young drinker, who doesn't care about flavor. "Cheap Alcohol" market share is slightly threatened, if they lose the market for those who prefer their booze in kit form.

Palcohol is not particularly appealing.  It will come in flavors, which right away tells you that it needs flavoring to be palatiable -- kind of like the bathtub gin in the days of Prohibition.  A fine, aged whiskey or cognac will still be the choice drink for the discriminating gentry.  Big Alcohol is pretty safe.


Palcohol's website makes some arguments why state governments should let the people stir, then drink.  They confess, "... there is not one shred of evidence that it will be used or abused any differently than liquid alcohol."  I'm not sure I would have said that.  

They point out that, "Prohibition doesn't work."  If Palcohol LLC is the only supplier, they ought to careful of painting a target on their own back. 

They say. "Palcohol has so many positive uses in medicine, energy, the military, industry, recreation, etc."  They can be sure about recreational uses, and no others, yet.

Its anybody's guess if Palcohol will make it to Washington State.  SEIU objected to losing control of the beverage industry here.  They may fight tooth and nail to prohibit Palcohol.  But if the people win, I'll give you a taste test update.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Mr Obama's new ammuntion ban proposal

Mr Obama's Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives is charged with banning M855 military ball ammunition.  This type of ammunition is usually found on the civilian market as military surplus.  There is no record of this sort of ammunition being used in crime.  Since the threat doesn't exist, the ban won't even give special protection to law enforcement officers.

You recall that Mr Obama vowed to take action against firearms and their owners.  What he is doing is very small compared to his grand claims.  I doubt he really understands how ill-conceived his action is.  He is seeking to ban an inexpensive source of practice ammunition from the American public.

Remember the 2nd Amendment states that a well regulated militia is necessary to the security of a free state. Obama has apparently forgotten that the American public is the source for of manpower for the American military.  Obama' clumsiness will hamper the ability of the people's militia to practice at all.  This will undermine the secure freedom of the state (in this context, state means government authority).

The ATFE is planning to apply the "sporting purposes" test to M855.  They derive this test from the definitions found in 18 U.S. Code § 921 and restrictions in 18 U.S. Code § 929 (a).  This test shouldn't exist at all.  Since the purpose of an armed population is the protect the free state, where is the sport in shooting at invaders or hostile politicians?


Mr Obama's cluelessness  sheds light on his inability to understand that the people are the source of authority and power in the free state of America.  We the people must trust each other to show good judgment and act for the common good.  Mr Obama seeks to control us and if we are somehow a threat to ourselves.  Leave us alone, Mr Obama -- we are acting like free people.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Obama World

Barack Obama is living in his own dream world.

To hear him tell it, thanks to six glorious years of his leadership, America is in great shape at home and overseas.

According to his boasts, which the mainstream media rarely challenge, the economy has rebounded from the Great Recession and federal budget deficits have been sliced in half under his watch.

Never mind that we're in the slowest economic recovery since FDR's awful policies prolonged the Great Depression.

Never mind that the "official" unemployment rate of 5.7 percent is a statistical fraud because it doesn't count the millions who've dropped out of the job market.

Never mind that the federal government still spends $486 billion more every year than it takes in and future deficits are projected to be a trillion bucks a year.

And never mind that ObamaCare is a fiscal time bomb that's already driven up the cost of health insurance for millions of individuals and small business owners.

Pay no attention to all those grim realities at home, says our strange man in the Oval Office. All is well on Obama World.

And don't worry about those bloody wars going on in Syria and what's left of Iraq. Don't worry about the future of Afghanistan or the recent terrorist takeover in Yemen, either.

We have ISIS terrorists on the run, President Obama says. We've outfoxed Putin in Ukraine. Soon we'll sign a deal with Iran's mullahs about ending their nuclear weapons program.

Dream on, Mr. President. Time's running out.


After six years of President Obama, it's frightening to see what an alien, almost un-American worldview he has and how he puts it into practice daily.

When it comes to religion, everyone knows the president lives on another planet.

He's clearly more interested in sticking up for Islam than for Christianity. And, I swear, he's more comfortable quoting from the Koran than from the Bible.

He outdid himself at a recent prayer breakfast when he tried to equate the atrocities committed by modern Islamic terrorists with what Christians did during the Crusades a thousand years ago.


But President Obama is most dangerous to the country when he delves into foreign policy.

When he goes overseas to visit our allies, he's more likely to start off by apologizing for America's history of slavery or blaming America for something like climate change.

His recent move to unilaterally ease our 54-year-old economic embargo with communist Cuba is a perfect example of how badly Obama negotiates and what he thinks is important.

The Castro Brothers are still high-fiving each other. But the United States - and the imprisoned and impoverished Cuban people -- got little in return for making it much easier for trade and travel activities to take place between our countries.

Compare Obama's blase attitude toward communism and its victims with Ronald Reagan's. In 1987 my father went to Berlin and challenged the USSR to allow more political and economic freedom for its captive countries.

At the Brandenburg Gate he called for Mr. Gorbachev to prove he was serious about liberalization by tearing down the Wall.

When the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall came along in 2009, Obama showed how little he cared by skipping the ceremony and sending a video message.


The good news is that in two years President Obama and his world will be gone.

We'll be back to reality and someone much more competent -- President Hillary or Jeb or Scott or Rand or whoever - will have to clean up all of his messes.

Whoever our next president is, we'll be better off. There's no way in heck he or she could be as strange or as harmful to the country as Barack Obama.

--- Michael Reagan

Friday, January 23, 2015

Falling off the floor

Have you wondered why America isn't just perking along, despite the smiley face junknews from the administration? The reports glow with how the economy is sailing along.  But this fake recovery is not for people.

The number of Americans in the workforce keeps declining.  According to the Government's Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are only 62,700,000 Americans employed in December; 9 million fewer Americans have jobs than at the end of the Bush presidency.  This is the lowest number employed in the last ten years.

This is not a percentage, this is not a 'funny number', these are all of the people who have jobs. 

The current, politically tampered with, unemployment number is 5.6% in Dec 2014.  This figure is obvious bull given that millions are still out of work.  Thanks Obama, you lying dirtbag, for corrupting our data for your political gain.

Friday, January 2, 2015

Economic outlook versus green collectivism

I had a refreshing encounter with a "Democratic" Party liberal yesterday. I think I changed his mind. He came away from our conversation no longer believing that people are useless without government supervision.  Modern American "liberalism," as embraced by the Democratic Party,  has always had to soul destroying effect of government forcing people to conform.  Often the Democrats will insist they prefer force to social disaster, they hide their agenda of using more force and more force, ad perpetuae servituti subicere.

My friend's change came when he realized that society is based on individuals, and that society cannot exist without the consent of all these individuals. The purpose of government is to serve everyone, not just a segment, and government never has a right to rule over any person or segment of society to benefit another.  If you think that amounts to social consent of criminal activity, stop reading this right now. You need to rethink your priorities.


Actual economic activity in America does not benefit as many people as before Obama and the Democratic Party took power. Despite the rise in the "official" employment statistics, 9 million people are still not working -- compared to 2008, the last year of George Bush's presidency.

Here is the graph, as published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, at Note the dates below the graph.  The numbers to the left of the graph indicate the percentage of adult Americans (i.e. 3% of adult Americans have permanently lost their jobs during the current administration.  There is no recovery in the land of the working.)


Workers will get it even worse during 2015.  Obama has pushed into regulation new carbon emission standards which will seriously impact America energy output, and therefore employment.  A minimum of 224 thousand American workers will be added to the rolls of the (probably) permanently unemployed.

This is done in service to a widely disputed theory that human activity causes global climate change through changes in carbon output.  The carbon/climate assertion is treated with the ferocity of a hate-based religion -- the implicit assertion is "people might have to die to serve the god of climate destruction prevention."  We should be glad they only call us "climate deniers" so far.

Self styled climate activists serve the interest of expanding government power to serve the tiny number of elitists at the top.   When you lift the veil, climate activists are revealed as old fashion totalitarians with a new front.

Anyway, in the near term it will cost thousands of Americans their jobs.