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Friday, January 23, 2015

Falling off the floor

Have you wondered why America isn't just perking along, despite the smiley face junknews from the administration? The reports glow with how the economy is sailing along.  But this fake recovery is not for people.

The number of Americans in the workforce keeps declining.  According to the Government's Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are only 62,700,000 Americans employed in December.  This is the lowest number employed in the last ten years.

This is not a percentage, this is not a 'funny number', these are all of the people who have jobs. 

The current, politically tampered with, unemployment number is 5.6% in Dec 2014.  This figure is obvious bull given that millions have stayed out of work.  Thanks Obama, for corrupting our data for your political gain.

Friday, January 2, 2015

Economic outlook versus green collectivism

I had a refreshing encounter with a "Democratic" Party liberal yesterday. I think I changed his mind. He came away from our conversation no longer believing that people are useless without government supervision.  Modern American "liberalism," as embraced by the Democratic Party,  has always had to soul destroying effect of government forcing people to conform.  Often the Democrats will insist they prefer force to social disaster, they hide their agenda of using more force and more force, ad perpetuae servituti subicere.

My friend's change came when he realized that society is based on individuals, and that society cannot exist without the consent of all these individuals. The purpose of government is to serve everyone, not just a segment, and government never has a right to rule over any person or segment of society to benefit another.  If you think that amounts to social consent of criminal activity, stop reading this right now. You need to rethink your priorities.


Actual economic activity in America does not benefit as many people as before Obama and the Democratic Party took power. Despite the rise in the "official" employment statistics, 9 million people are still not working -- compared to 2008, the last year of George Bush's presidency.

Here is the graph, as published by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, at Note the dates below the graph.  The numbers to the left of the graph indicate the percentage of adult Americans (i.e. 3% of adult Americans have permanently lost their jobs during the current administration.  There is no recovery in the land of the working.)


Workers will get it even worse during 2015.  Obama has pushed into regulation new carbon emission standards which will seriously impact America energy output, and therefore employment.  A minimum of 224 thousand American workers will be added to the rolls of the (probably) permanently unemployed.

This is done in service to a widely disputed theory that human activity causes global climate change through changes in carbon output.  The carbon/climate assertion is treated with the ferocity of a hate-based religion -- the implicit assertion is "people might have to die to serve the god of climate destruction prevention."  We should be glad they only call us "climate deniers" so far.

Self styled climate activists serve the interest of expanding government power to serve the tiny number of elitists at the top.   When you lift the veil, climate activists are revealed as old fashion totalitarians with a new front.

Anyway, in the near term it will cost thousands of Americans their jobs.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The Eric Garner murder

The New York Police Department murdered Eric Garner for selling loose cigarettes not taxed.  Garner had an arrest record.  New York is a city run by the big government Democratic Party.   The murder starkly reveals the dishonesty of big government leftism -- Government is based on force, not morality.

Those police enforcers saw their tax gathering law interfered with, so they used unlimited force against the tax evader.  In this case, they went ahead and killed a man, for the crime of of not paying taxes.  You see, government needs taxes; big government needs big taxes.  Unlimited government, i.e. despotism, requires unlimited taxation.

This is a harbinger of things to come.  As the American government grows more controlling at all levels, there will be more clear instances of criminal acts by government, and nothing will happen to the people abusing the power of government.  People will not hold their government accountable because they will not care their freedom is evaporating.

America has changed her opinion.  America used to think that government was not to be trusted.  Now the left dominates America, and has fooled Americans to think that government is run by angels.

America has forgotten that government gets staffed by the same human race that has all those shortcomings that leftist government is supposed to address.   Government cannot remedy social injustice.  The problems may be masked for a while, but eventually, the mask slips.  Tyranny is revealed and another great country slips into the mists of history.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

When Obamacare sucks....

Obamacare flies in the face of many principles conservatives hold dear, including individual consumer choice and a belief that “massive government bureaucracy” and “efficiency” don’t belong in the same sentence. Despite the spin that Obamacare was about preserving the private health insurance market, the incredible number of mandates it imposes and its large expansion of state-funded care make this a difficult line of argument to sustain.

All along, the law’s defenders repeatedly asked, where is the Republican critics’ plan? It was somewhat disingenuous – several solid proposals had been put forth – but none had passed in the Republican-led House or the Democrat-led Senate. That was partly practical, as President Obama was sure to veto any alternative to Obamacare, but it did seem that House Republicans had trouble coalescing around a plan.

There were solid proposals out there, though, including the detailed Patient CARE Act from Republican senators, as well as solid ideas from Reps. Paul Ryan, Tom Price, and others.

Another alternative plan worth examining comes from Ed Gillespie. If you don’t know the name, Gillespie is the Virginia Senate candidate who came tantalizingly close to defeating Sen. Mark Warner earlier this month, despite the fact that Warner was expected to easily coast to re-election.

Gillespie’s plan is based on ideas from the 2017 Project, and he thinks it played a big role in his razor-thin election. “In a purple state like Virginia, I could not have gotten so close to defeating Mark R. Warner, a popular incumbent, by talking only about ‘repeal,’” Gillespie wrote. “My plan…enabled me to rebut the charge that all I wanted to do was go back to things as they were before.”

As Gillespie notes, the stakes are high because many have suspected since its inception that Obamacare was designed to, in some sense, fail. It was “cleverly designed to lead us over time to a single-payer system.”

This will become clearer when the employer mandate provisions kick in next year, with their incentives for companies to dump workers from their employer plans into government-run exchanges. As the exchanges swell and become more costly to taxpayers, we’ll be told that a government monopoly would be more cost-effective.

Republicans, Gillespie argues, need a plan that confronts the very challenges that led to Obamacare’s enactment: “rising costs, too many uninsured people and a lack of protection for patients with pre-existing conditions.”

The crux of Gillespie’s plan is worth closer examination by Congressional leaders:
  • Fairness in tax credits
    Currently, health benefits received from an employer are not taxed as part of an employee’s overall compensation. Some advocate for eliminating this tax credit, but Gillespie’s plan takes the opposite tack, instead extending tax credits to include the millions of Americans who purchase their own health insurance. Gillespie’s plan would end the unfairness of the current system, which essentially punishes citizens who do not receive employer-based coverage.
  • Those tax credits go directly toward purchasing private coverage
    “The tax credit would be $1,200 per year for those under 35 years of age, $2,100 for those 35 to 49, and $3,000 for those 50 or older, plus $900 per child. For a family of four headed by two 40-year-old parents, the tax credit would be like having $6,000 in cash to spend on health insurance. If the family found a plan they liked for less, they could put the difference in a health savings account to help cover out-of-pocket expenses.”
  • Grace periods for those with pre-existing conditions
    With built-in grace periods for newborns, young adults, and those who lose their employer-based coverage, Gillespie’s plan would help protect those with pre-existing conditions from having to pay much higher rates.
  • High-risk pools
    Under this plan, those who face unaffordable rates because of pre-existing conditions could buy into high-risk pools that will guarantee their coverage. No one wants to see fellow Americans rejected for coverage because of pre-existing health issues.
Gillespie’s proposal is intriguing. It is a less-government, expanded-choice conservative alternative to Obamacare. It may be, with two years remaining in President Obama’s term, that nothing major about Obamacare will be changing anytime soon. Gillespie’s plan and other alternatives, though, will give Republican policy leaders a lot to chew on – and something for 2016 presidential candidates of both parties to debate.

- Rob McKenna

Monday, December 8, 2014

More happy face recovery

"Total nonfarm payroll employment increased by 321,000 in November, and the unemployment rate was unchanged at 5.8 percent."  (

Employment increased, but the unemployment rate was unchanged.   Statements like this make is clear that the official unemployment rate is political rather than an economic indicator.

You can feel it in the air; the actual economic picture is unchanged and uncertain.  The civilian labor force participation rate hangs at 62,800,000, up by 100,000 since September.  The graph gives a more accurate picture  of the muddle through economy we are having.

At the beginning of 2014, the economy found a bottom and it is staying there.  Big government micromanagement is clumsy and inefficient.  The people are still suffering from the damage the control-freak Democrats did years ago.  You should note the Democrats are in control of the Senate for another two weeks, and in control of the Presidency for another 2 years.)

Its going to get worse in 2015.  Obama and his henchmen in the EPA have promised to impose new regulation on industry that is estimated to add more than $350 billion dollars cost per year -- some estimates put the cost nearly a trillion dollars per year, and cost more than 442,000 jobs.  This ought to be a crushing blow.  Obama is working well for enemies of the United States.