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Friday, April 11, 2008

Politicians (Yuck)

I listened to a politician announce that higher corn prices do not have much impact on actual food prices. (Government mandated fuel ethanol production has increased corn prices in the US). The politician jibbered on to explain that a box of cereal was high profit food because of all the processing involved. Therefore, no one is paying higher food prices.

What a laugh. I guess politicians eat only breakfast cereal. No wonder they suffer so many delusions. Perhaps one delusion is that American eat only highly processed food. Its true that Americans eat a lot bad stuff. But when I go to the store, I notice people buying carrots and oatmeal and and even corn. Those items have gone up significantly.

The politician refused to address that question. I guess he avoided answering it to avoid lying about it. Food prices have gone up because the government has meddled with our fuel system. Now, both food and fuel are more expensive. What makes them think they can handle our fuel problems instead of the entire nation working freely together?

Oh yeah, I forgot. They eat only breakfast cereal.

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