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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Election in America 2008

You asked about Sarah Palin or Hilary Clinton. The two women in the race both suffered from personal integrity. I admire Sarah Palin because she represents a number of conservative values very well, despite the populist streak. I came to respect Hillary Clinton because of her tenacity and being clear on most of her positions.

I wasn't too happy with anyone running for POTUS. I did not care for John McCain because of his wishy-washiness, and I mistrust Barrack Obama because he never said the same thing twice.

I might want to take that back. Mr Obama seems to have repeatedly claimed that the 'rich' were gonna get soaked. This whole 'get even with the rich by making them pay' crap is... well, crap. Why doesn't anyone want to get rich anymore? Why do people only want to see everyone in poverty? This has become substituted for social and economic justice. What is wrong with the American folk?

Now, no one can really say for sure what politics has been elected. Sure, we know a name and a skin color, but nothing else. That is all we really know, so it is clear that America still suffers from a severe dose of racism, the morning after (ie white liberal guilt).

You better check your watch and wallet.

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