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Monday, December 29, 2008

Wealth is created

Wealth is created when people are free to do business with each other. A government can tax some of that activity and take away a part of that wealth. (That makes taxes sound like legalized stealing, doesn't it?). But the wealth creators are "rich," which means they have more than you think they should have.

Recently what happened is that the American government thought to take away too much of the wealth. So the people stopped doing more business than what is required for survival. Wealth indices tumbled worldwide. Now, the wealth creating people are scared, and worldwide wealth suffers even more. The depression gathers steam. All of this because the American government got greedy.

You partisan fools should note the Democrats and Republicans get no mention. The problem is not solely political party based, but caused by a general attitude among the people that big government should do it, whatever "it" is. The people think someone else should pay. Take from the wealthy. But there is no big pot of golden money waiting. The productive people just stopped doing business beyond their own survival and the rest of us will be in want because of it.

Wealth is no longer being created. There is nothing for the Kleptocratic politicians to "spread around." We all fare worse when the wealth creators get pissed on. It is in our interest to get off their backs and let them get rich again, so we can all do better and get out of this mess.

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