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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Moral Economy - A Fable

There was a man who had no family. He had enough belongings, but no company. One day, he found a little lamb. He bought the lamb and brought it home to keep as a pet. The man greatly prized his little pet lamb.

One day, his neighbor, who was a powerful member of the government, had an important visitor. The visitor said he had a hankering for some lamb stew. Because the visitor was so important, the government official seized the little lamb and cooked it.

Are you angry yet? The powerful government official was so unfair.

Every time you vote to take from one person to give to someone else, you are that unfair person.

The United States is entering economic hard times. If we are going to recover, it will be only because we establish truly moral law. We must forget the idea that it is okay to steal from someone just because he has more of something than we do. The idea of taxing the rich just because they have money is morally bankrupt.

If the voters decide that stealing by majority vote is okay, then we are going to be in this hard time for a long time. Everyone will become much worse off (except a few government officials). Only when we become moral, will we begin to recover.

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