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Monday, February 9, 2009

One Big Happy Forced Smile Government

Big Government got us into this economic mess; the George Bush version of big government. For the record, the economy began to tank after the Democrats took control of the Congress (where they make the law, remember?) in the 2006 elections. George Bush or not, size is all that matters. Now, things are more the same than ever.

Mr Obama fails to understand the big government approach is the cause of the bankrupture. Barrack Obama and his Big Government chorus are claiming that trillions of dollars of additional government debt and intrusion will get us out of the mess.

Quothe the Biden, "Maybe not."

Lessee... the Obama-Pelosi reasoning seems to be:

Individuals find credit too difficult to get, so private spending fell off. So to improve the credit situation for individuals, the government plans to take about $820,000,000,000 out of the lending system. You see, the government has to borrow this money so they can spend it on their own pet projects. They say Big Government competing with us for credit will help us get credit for ourselves.

This Leftist drivel makes no sense.

Big Government means less personal and private control over private life. And more debt for us all. About $2730 of additional debt for each one of us, like it or not. And this is the tab not even 30 days into this government. You better check your watch and wallet.

For the painfully familiar, this really ought to work stunned wonders.


Public, government controlled, versus private control

If you are expecting the government will really want to pull us out of current financial recession, think again. Government is less responsive to us than corporations. A corporation must respond to you whenever you have interest in what they have to offer for sale. The government only responds at election time, at most every two years.

Both systems are imperfect, but government is nearly deaf as well. A private, profit-driven, corporation will listen better.


Popularity Poll

According to Gallup, Americans give government funding of infrastructure "and other" projects more credence for getting us out of the present mess. If only the so called stimulus bill were about such tried and true methods. Most of the bill contains new socialist programs.

Foreign exchange gives a cool and sober assessment. The dollar has fallen about 15% against the Japanese Yen. Internationally, American politicians don't get high marks for their economic plans. Forex knows our government can break things much easier than mend them.

You see, the current government has no interest in fixing any problems, as long as the senators and congress-ers don't think they will get individual blame. If they enact this socialist dog "stimulus," things may get better by sheer luck. If things stay the same or worsen, who cares? As long as the socialists get re-elected....

It is time to think of tossing these deceptive rascals out. Somehow.


The Final Lesson

Its safe to say that government screws things up. Big government screws things up in really big ways.

During the Clinton administration, the Repelicans took control of the American Congress in 1994 and gave us an era of prosperity, until they forgot that they had done this by keeping government small and unobtrusive.

Early in President Bush's term, the Repelicans began to enlarge the government cancer, taking away more and more economic authority from you an me. This caused problems, but the economy wobbled on, more or less free. So the people tossed out the Repelicans in 2006 and installed the Democreeps. Understandable, but not a good move. The Democreep Congress' version of the Repelican screw up is use bigger government to screw things up in even bigger ways.

Big government got us into this miserable economic malaise.

Now, the Democreeps say that only by completely enslaving the American economy, can we do away with he problem of enslaving the econ. The Democreeps use the populist line: Blame the uncontrolled economy, then savage, ransack, molest, sack and pillage the free element of the economy to really "fix" things. This is as stupid as "fixing" breeding stock to improve the stock line....

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