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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Big Happy Face

Despite persistent layoffs, the economy seems to be faring better than it was at the start of the year. AP Story

The authoritarian, Leftist-controlled press keeps trying to put a happy face on economy. But things keep getting worse. The clear fact is the Democreeps started the economic downturn when they were elected to Congressional dominance in 2006. The clear fact that Democreeps are making it worse Must Be Ignored.

Mr Obama frightens working people repeatedly. The very people the Left knows make the country run are scared. So the stock market collapses, industries are trashed, wealth destroyed and companies dismantled. And the Left enters Dreamland. In this dream state Mr Obama will probably get his monster cap-and-trade carbon tax. Bye-bye to last of free industry, hello politicized production. The Lie Factory is hiring.


Next up: Death care --- naturally, they are calling it health care, but they lie (Again? Really?). The significant fact they ignore, this time, is that no country has ever applied government funding to health care without lengthy waiting lists for some life saving treatments. The Big Government approach is if people are not made to pay in money, they must pay in waiting - waiting - waiting.

Waiting lists, increasing costs anyway, nothing will work. Finally, the people will be told there are too many of them, some must be sacrificed. Some of them must go off the rolls, and not receive health care. Too many people, overpopulation is the problem, thin the herd, the extra humanity must be eliminated somehow.

This is the essential of elitism... thinking that one person should decide the fate of thousands, millions. When elitism becomes political policy, hell awaits. Congress' and Mr Obama's only qualification is political success. They are using that success to set up a heartless system of statist compassion. Satan could not do a better job of dehumanizing the American people.


Flash! - I saw an television ad stating Mr Obama's health care system would not replace private pay health care. The tagline was for some government front agency, but I didn't notice who. Anyway, let's get to the meat of this.

If the government sponsored health care system is not intended to replace private pay care, then what is it doing? We already have extensive public pay health care in place. On what are we going to spend nearly $1 trillion buckaroos?

If only this ad were serious, but you can see it is sugar coating to make the toxic seem tasty. Private pay in tandem with public pay shows they are setting up a means test. This is what the trillion is for: To see if you can afford to pay.

Gee. They lied again.

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