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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Obama care: Death for the masses

A dramatic comparison with no new information

Health care concerns pale to insignificance compared to economic concerns. The economy continues to worsen because the federal government continues to spend like a stupid sailor.

Borrowing so much puts us at risk for years. No temporary sop like compulsory health care will help as the financial crisis starves us to death.

If we are forced into spending zillions on elaborate federalized health care, neglecting more basic needs like bread for the table, there will be no people for the government to tax.

Is the government's intent to destroy us?

To have the government control health care, it would be necessary for the government to show it could control itself. One trillion dollars in new debt this year alone, more debt than the country ran up in all of the Bush administration. It took from the founding of the country until 1984 US debt to reach its first trillion. This government shows no care or restraint at all.

They are reckless. They spend like inebriates. Now they say Trust us with your health. My health is a little too personal to trust someone so cavalier with my future.

Examine a copy of the Obama Bill for yourself.

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