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Friday, July 17, 2009

War on Your Health

The labyrinthine funding system of "government provided" health care under the Obama administration plan, is a system so elaborate only insiders will ever understand it. The design is so complex it will be grossly inefficient, and probably ignored anyway. The complexity of the plan will serve only to confuse and bamboozle the public.

The government pay health care model, used by Obama, has never worked for health care. In fact, health care becomes rationed, resulting in the death of people in critical need. The government pay model only expands power of the executive, Mr you-know-who.

Mr Obama is greedy. The payroll tax to support the health screw over is 8% of gross payroll. No matter if you want dollar one coverage or are unwilling to waste time getting treatment for every bump and scrape, you have no choice.

Are you in a healthy age bracket, read "young?" The Obama administration is going to give your potential employer one more expensive reason not to hire you. If you are young and have a job, Mr Obama's one size policy effectively taxes you to support older, potentially less healthy people, plus everyone who has ever been casual with their health.

One size fits none, that is the stupid Obama administration policy.

Finally, everyone expects this health care system will break the US government. Health care will be funded in part by a new national payroll tax, and in part by inflation. This will inevitably result in layoffs and crippling the economy. Hiking misery and unemployment is barking brilliant, Mr Obama.


War is a system where the aim is to kill people and break things. The Obama Death Care System will have exactly the same result. In his lust for power, has Mr Obama declared war on the people of the United States?

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Amusing Bunni said...

Hi WP & L

This Health Care fiasco is so horrible, it will bring the loss of I forget how many more millions of jobs, mostly small business owners, who employ 54% at least of the people.

Sadly, the answer is YES, Obugger is at war with the USA and bent on destroying our Country. He should be impeached, deported, and/or arrested.