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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Light headed learning....

I have a few Democratix friends. They think I am okay despite the fact I make unsanctioned remarks about their party and president. I take that as a sign they are open minded. My mistake.

Recently we discussed economic organization and global warming. I had expected something like industry causes global warming, a view which is sort of rational despite a lack of theory to explain the evidence. Imagine my surprise when I found out its simpler than that.

They think
People, left to their own devices, always will plot to destroy the earth and kill all living things. People must be organized into government run hierarchy in order to enrich life. "Life" does not mean human life. Life refers to all lifekind. It takes an overburden of government to regulate people's activity into prudent use of resources. To start with, my friends suggested elimination of 2/3rds of humanity.

People who are so self-centered as to seek their own enrichment and liberty for all to do the same are destroyers; they are all Republicans. People seeking the betterment of the world and lifekind, inquisitive, brilliant, true humans, are all Democrats.

Here's their evidence.

It seems the world occurred 4.5 billion years ago. This is good, therefore Democrats did it.

Life evolved, no one caused this, it was good so Democrats did it. The dinosaurs came; they were big and friendly (?), it was good so Democrats did it.

(We jump forward)

People evolved, no one caused this, but it was good so Democrats did it.

People became technically accomplished and developed civilization, This isn't entirely good, so Republicans must have evolved by now. And that was bad, so Republicans did it.

Religion, especially Christianity, arose. This is the worst thing which has ever happened, therefore Republicans did it.

Europe, populated with disgusting white European males, took over the world; This was disgusting and very bad and disgusting, therefore Republicans did it.

After driving out the European Republicans, the downtrodden of the world learned to do industry and pollute the air and land. This is the fault of whites, since Europeans showed them how. It is also okay since its social justice. Besides, on the balance, this is good, since socially concerned, Leftist Democrats did it.

In summary, Democrat = good, Republican = bad.

See how easy that is?

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