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Saturday, August 8, 2009

quietly into the night

Earlier I posted a short exploration of the elementary differences between free market and Marxism. (link) In recent time, we in the US have faced a band of counter-revolutionary, leftist politicians who try to sell us Marxism but in fact offer us authoritarian distribution of goods and services via government allocation. This is to be done in the name of "fairness" and "sustainable" production.

Some observations: Health care and carbon taxation

The free market is nearly always fair: Everyone participating in the free market does so because it best serves their personal welfare. There is a learning curve which teaches lessons at a cost. That is, when you make a mistake, you pay for it. If you learn, you won't make the mistake again. If you are exceptionally wise, you can learn from others mistakes.

Government allocation is being pitched as "more fair" than the free market. Participation in the government run market is involuntary, so perception of personal welfare and choice are overridden. You take it whether you like it or not. The decision latitude of public government has to be greater than the individual's for this organization to work. Therefore, public option is rightly called a "command" economy.

To compare, under free market, learning always occurs, since market participants pay a price for ignorance. Under the public option command economy, learning occurs only by accident, since the government decision makers do not experience pain for their allocation mistakes. Under public option, given that participation is involuntary, growth of learning will be retarded.

Some people have an unrealistic expectation that government can be more compassionate than a society at general. This expectation is a mystery, since under public option there is no incentive to change government allocations. I'm told the answer is "write your congresspeople." Why would government people listen? Right now, the authoritarian leftists and the party controlled press characterize people who disagree with government controlled health care and carbon taxation as "Big Business Stooges".


Mr Obama's policies will damage the country. Some policies will be fairly easy to reverse, like carbon taxation. We can un-elect the drips who give us this screw job. Government controlled health care will be more difficult to reverse. There will considerable suffering caused switching to command health care and there will be considerable suffering caused switching back. In the long run people will desire the higher quality, personal control system. But everyone wants the hurting to stop now. We may be stuck. Mr Obama is an evil genius.

These predictions assume the the authoritarian leftists are willing to leave power when they are voted out. Mr Obama or Speaker Pelosi may announce a suspension of Federal Election due to some made up reason. Then we will find out whether we are willing to go quietly into the night.

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